Who is Mama John’s ex-boyfriend? All about the personal life of the TV star

by Youssef

Want to know who the ex-boyfriend of TV star Mama John is? The popular reality TV show Mama June: Road to Redemption recently premiered on WeTV with the much-anticipated second part of its fifth season. Since viewers just watched two episodes, it was a pretty good drama, and it looks like there’s more. Viewers were seeing how Mama John was struggling in her personal life and admitted that her relationship with her ex-partner was somewhat toxic.

Now that she’s so stoic and also seems to be living a healthier life, there’s a lot to reveal in this series. Viewers also watched Mama June tell her daughters that although there is no man in her life now, she’s ready to enter the dating pool. Turns out Mama John really does have someone special in her life, and she might be talking about him in the upcoming episodes. Let’s have a look at all the lesser known details and facts about Mama John’s ex-boyfriend.

Who is Mama John’s ex-boyfriend?

Mama John’s ex-boyfriend is Gino Doak. Mama June: The Path to Redemption The star and GNU have been dating for quite some time. However, the air often gets into some trouble and is said to have been making headlines for drug-related offenses and substance abuse. Both were charged with an additional charge of domestic violence.

Mama John and Gino Doak

The reality star finally made the decision and decided to cut all ties with Doc last year after he refused to act with John, who started her sober journey. With no options left, Jun had to leave Duak in the middle of the night as he lost consciousness. Mama John even caught Doak sending sexually explicit messages to other women on social media. She threatened to end the relationship, which ensued with turmoil. Viewers also saw how Jenno’s ex-wife, Kimberly Doke, warned Mama John about Jeno’s ongoing problems as well.

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GNU Doak is undergoing a radical transformation!

The TV personality also admitted that she shouldn’t have dismissed domestic charges in 2019 because it made things worse for them both. June admitted that she was terrified while referring to her April 2021 court appearance for the 2019 arrests. However, Geno has also been accepted into rehab and recently gave viewers a sneak peek into his drastic transformation. Take a look at the latest episodes as Mama June is home.

Doc recently showed off his changing frame in before and after photos, and further explained that the time he spent away from hygiene helped him improve his lifestyle. He further revealed that the food is prepared there, so he doesn’t need to go out and eat junk food or anything like that. Doc has also shared that he exercises when he can, but his main focus is on eating right.

Mama John gives fans an update on her life!

It seems that after a tumultuous relationship with her ex-partner, Mama John has found someone special and recently found out how he helped her through a difficult time. At the same time, I say how things in her life have been going well and that she has been sober for the past 29 months. John said anyone can do it if you just have to put your mind to it.

Ex-boyfriend Mama Joon
Mama June

Mama John also spoke to boyfriend Justin Stroud and revealed how he used to drop little texts asking about her, and those little text messages mean a lot when someone goes through some trauma in their life. They started dating in September 2021. Shannon also admitted that she is grateful to find someone who understands her. She revealed that she and Stroud, who is also stoic, helped each other stay happy and healthy.

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