Who is my little father Kahlani? He’s the guitarist


Want to know who is the father of Kahlani’s child? The singer is making headlines with the ugliest fact that she was sexually assaulted at a concert. However, their beloved fans are very positive, and they seek more about what is going on in their life. To be more precise, everyone is familiar with Kehlani’s baby daughter. But who is their father?

Starting with the basics, Kehlani Ashley Parrish is truly a versatile singer. Kehlani was born on April 24, 1995, and now he is 27 years old. They hail from Oakland, California, United States.

Well, Kehlani is widely known as one of the members of The HBK gang, which is a hip-hop collective. Haven’t you heard their latest work, Blue Water Road? It is Kehlani’s third studio album.

Some of Kehlani’s famous songs are – Distraction, The Good Life, Gangsta, Good Thing, Christmas, Little Story, Everything, Sweet Lies, I Love Dat, etc. This year, Kehlani also appeared as a guest star of Ivy in the drama series The L Word: Generation Q.

Leilani has worked with many other artists such as Keyshia Cole, Russ, Charlie Puth, Zayn, Nick Cannon, and many more.

Going back to Kehlani’s personal life, the singer has dated a bit of the industry. But the news of their pregnancy made fans wonder even more about her better half. Surprisingly, Kehlani’s guitarist is the father of her child.

If you’re looking for the identity of the father of Kehlani’s baby, here you go!

Kehlani's Baby Daddy


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Meet Kahlani’s Baby Daddy: Who is he?

As we already mentioned about the guitarist being the father of Kehlani’s baby, he’s Javaghn Young-White. After announcing the news of their pregnancy, Kehlani posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Oh Daddy.”

Kehlani named their daughter, Adia Nomi Young-White. She was born on March 23, 2019.

Speaking of which, Kehlani opened up about their pregnancy plan. When I found out they could take a break from touring, they planned it. It was the first time they thought about it. When Kehlani and Javon worked on it, the former said neither of them felt like it was a chore.

When asked what Kehlani admired about their little daddy, the singer revealed that Javaughn is also bisexual. They admitted that they felt great to be understood.

The father of Kehlani’s child, Javon Young-White, has had a pretty impressive career at the age of 23. Based on his social media posts, it seems that he’s a huge believer in spiritual things.

Numerous rumors began circulating on the Internet, stating that Javon was Kehlani’s “gay best friend” and “sperm donor”. This is ridiculous!

Kehlani's Baby Daddy

Kehlani with her baby and Juvon Young-White

In response, Javon took it to his Twitter account and debunked those lame, fake rumors. He said, “I have never been a sperm donor nor come out as gay nor have I ever had a ‘gay best friend’.” In addition, Javon also addressed himself as the father of his beautiful daughter.

Javon was angry at those people who gossiped. He said, “If you’re going to get aimless and nosy, the least straightforward facts.”

Well, if you were wondering about their current situation, Kehlani and Jauvaughn called it quits. The exact reason behind their breakup is not known. Also, it is not known if both of them share joint custody of Adeya. They both have moved on and are very happy!

Best wishes to Kehlani in the coming days of their lives. You can give Kehlani the following on Instagram for more updates. We think Kehlani is a great mom. On the flip side, Jauvaughn reportedly shares a great bond with their daughter.

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