Who is Saab Zada ​​Dating? The new social media lover


Sab Zada
Sab Zada

Here, we will discuss who is dating Sabzadeh. What do we know about the love life of this beautiful star on social media? Starting with the basics, Sabrina Zada, as an influencer, has captured the hearts of thousands of people all over the world. She has a huge fan base on both Instagram and Youtube. Most of her videos are related to beauty, fashion and gastronomy. Besides, she is also a model and has signed to Select Agency in Los Angeles. Not knowing much, Sab also enjoys listening to music, hence, she ended up releasing her original music video. She is mostly known among young people for the kind of content she uploads on social media.

Knowing her versatility on the catwalks and the modeling world, fans are curious to know if she’s sharing romance with anyone at the moment. These days, the model is often spotted with someone, whether it’s on the streets or on social media. It seems that she has found her true love. Let’s dive into this article to find out who Saab Zada ​​is dating.

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Who is Saab Zada ​​Dating?

San Zada ​​is dating Jaden Smith. You should be aware of who Jaden is. For the rare ones who aren’t, he’s always been in the spotlight, being the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Besides, he has his identity as a rapper, singer, and actor as well. Some of his acting works include A Man Named Scott, After Earth, The Karate Kid, All Of Us, The Get Down, etc. Two years ago, in 2020, Jaden released his studio album, which is called Cool, tape volume 3.

Jaden Smith never cares what other people think of him. Also, he is very open about his girlfriends. He once said, “You just have to trust yourself.” He added, “The world will continue to criticize me for everything I do, and I will remain indifferent. I will continue to do the same things, but I will also do more.” Sab Zada ​​was seen alongside Jaden Smith at Coachella, which sparked rumours.

saab zada dating
Jaden Smith and Sab Zada ​​are rumored to be dating.

Sap and Jaden have reportedly been dating since September 2020. They were once seen holding hands outside a movie theater in Los Angeles. Also, celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Disneyland After Dark – Nate Sweet Heart event. The lovebirds clicked on the pictures in front of the sleeping beauty’s castle. Jaden had his arms around her waist, and their romance was pretty much evident through the photos. Over time, their relationship is gaining strength and growing with a lot of love.

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Saab Zada ​​career and other details

Besides knowing the details of who Saab Zada ​​is dating, fans are interested to know more about her. She was born on the 18th of June 1999 and she is 22 years old at present. She was born in Houston, Texas, United States. Before he rose to fame, Sapp visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles again in 2019. Knowing little, the star has Filipino, Chinese and Hispanic heritage.

saab zada dating
Sab Zada

Speaking of her fame, Sab Zada ​​has over 661K followers Instagram; You go by the name Passapest. Also, on YouTube, she has more than 50 thousand subscribers. If it is new to you, we highly recommend you to watch this video attached below.

Saab Zada ​​is very young and lives her life to the fullest. She works hard, and her fan base is growing over time due to her unique content. She loves to travel and often posts photos of the trips she explores.

Best wishes to Saabzadeh for the coming days of her career. With her versatility and dedication, we believe Sab will excel even more in the last days of her life.

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