Who is Sammy Robinson’s boyfriend? All about her personal life!


Sami Robinson’s boyfriend makes sensational headlines after the Australian influencer a lookalike Gigi Hadid shared a photo with her lover. She was previously dating a real estate company, Nick. However, after their breakup last year, it looks like the beauty has already moved on with a new guy. The Instagram model is now very candid about her new boyfriend and is often seen sharing beautiful PDA pictures on social media. Earlier on Valentine’s Day, her new boyfriend posted an adorable video of the beauty that went viral on the internet.

Sammy Robinson’s love life has always caught the attention of fans. Her latest relationship is the main talk of interest to fans and now she has once again announced that she is seeing someone. This has also really caught the attention of fans and everyone is wondering who Sammy Robinson’s boyfriend is? Who is this handsome man who recently stole the heart of a precious beauty?

For the inexperienced, Sami is a famous Australian model and social media influencer who is best known as the Gigi Hadid Twin because the model looks just like her. Boyfriend is making headlines these days and here in the article, we are going to talk about who is Sammy Robinson’s boyfriend as of 2022?

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Who is S.Amy Robinson’s boyfriend as of 2022?

Sami Robinson’s boyfriend is a Sydney based social media influencer, Jordan Syme. They made headlines back in October last year when the couple was spotted together and fans wondered if they were dating. However, they pulled their lips and never spoke about it.

At that time, Sami broke up with her boyfriend Nick, and soon they were photographed with Jordan. Apparently, her fans claim that she left her boyfriend for Simi. Although she has stated that she is “in no hurry to date”. The following month, her fans held hands with podcast maker Jordan Syme.

Boyfriend Sammy Robinson
Sammy Robinson (Source: Instagram)

Months after their breakup in January, the founder of clothing brand One Mile posted two photos on her social media accounts with her new sweetheart. The couple appear to be wearing matching outfits and she captioned it “Matching light blue”. Then later she took to her account again to wish her boyfriend a birthday with the caption “Happy Birthday Mister”

Boyfriend Sammy Robinson

Sami Robinson’s boyfriend announced their relationship back in December. He never misses an opportunity to talk about his girlfriend and seems to have fallen in love with her. He often shares her photos on his account. They are officially dating and going stronger than ever.

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Who have you dated in the past?

As mentioned earlier, Sammy’s last ex-boyfriend was businessman Nick Wheatley. The couple dated for nearly seven years before they invited him to quit in 2021. Sami released a video on October 13 announcing that she had split from boyfriend Nick. She talked about her career and said she is now focusing on her career and moving forward.

Moreover, she also says: “I think we are moving into a new phase of loneliness and separation. It is difficult for me to deal with all this. However, I am focusing on my career and it is better if we separate. She apparently embraced her celibacy in the video where she said, “Finally the hot summer is here and after a very long time I’m single and hopefully focus on myself. I’m in no rush to date at all.”

Boyfriend Sammy Robinson
Sammy Robinson with ex-boyfriend Nick

Although she convinced her fans that she was single, a few months later, she announced that she was dating. Her new boyfriend is ex-boyfriend Bonnie Anderson and he is very popular in the country. Sami and her new boyfriend are very active on social media and have thousands of followers. She is one of the most successful beauty bloggers. Jordan is also known for its work.

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