Who is the queen of hair flips in K-pop?


K-Pop music is without a doubt one of the best things that ever happened to humanity. So much goes into making the perfect music video that finally catches our attention. Girls’ groups especially have a lot on their hands. From the sometimes uncomfortable clothes to the strict dance routines in them. But time and time again, K-pop girls have proven that they are not inferior to their male counterparts. The charm and cool looks of K-pop artists are really their strong point. Let’s all admit that at some point we have all desired flawless makeup and perfect hair. There is such a thing as the queen of hair-flipping.

Speaking of hair, wouldn’t you think it’s super cute when the wind is blowing and our queens are flipping their luscious locks. Some idols have created their own fan bases due to their beautiful stage presence and beautiful hair flair. But one of them really stands out, and that’s Blackpink’s Rosé. The idol is called the queen of flip-flops, and this article will show you why.

Who is Rosé and why is she called the queen of flipping hair?

Rosie, born February 11, 1997 in New Zealand, is a South Korean based singer. The amazingly talented singer was discovered by YG Entertainment when they had international auditions in Australia. She trained for four years, eventually debuting as a member of the 4-member mega girl group, Blackpink.

Blackpink has gone massive in the last couple of years, and the girls have their talents to thank for that. Rosie is the vocalist of the group, and she is known for her unique voice and tones. Probably nothing like what I’ve heard from any other singer. In addition, she knows how to play guitar and you can find her cover songs with her amazing sound.

Furthermore, Rosie is not only musically talented but also blessed with god-like images. Her full face and long shiny hair are really her best features. I’m a huge fan of Rosé’s long, luscious, waist-length hair. Perhaps she and her stylists are also aware of this fact because Rosé usually keeps her hair hanging down while performing. Other girls have experimented with their hair length, but Rosé has maintained the long length for quite some time now.

Rosie’s most iconic hair queen moments

Due to the fact that she has long hair, every time she performs, it is absolutely impossible for her hair not to sag while she is on the move. If the wind is on its side, we can get some Rapunzel moments from the Blackpink scene. Fans even go so far as to say that she invented the hair flip!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the iconic moments that made Rosie the queen of hair flips.

1. Blacpink’s Coachella performance

Who doesn’t remember Blackpink’s iconic Coachella stage. The quartet made history as the first K-Pop girl group to perform at Coachella. The girls looked amazingly gorgeous and due to the gusty winds at Coachella, we got some great moments of hair flips from Queen Rosie. Check out this picture.

Moments of rose hair volatility
Rosie at Coachella 2019

2. The “Kill This Love” Hair Flipping Step

Rosé’s iconic hair flip is incorporated into one of their choreographies. The “Kill This Love” performance video contains only this part of Rosé where she goes into the heart of her hair over her shoulders. Everyone seems to really realize how obsessed we all are with her hair and her hair updos.

The queen of roses for hair
Rosie performing Kill This Love cr: SBS

3. Bombay stage

BOOMBAYAH Rosé was something else. It’s worth noting that BOOMBAYAH is their first song, and the girls have killed it since day one. If you remember the choreography of the song, you can remember the part where the girls turn their heads really fast and then bounce back. It’s totally impossible to get flawless hair after a head-banging moment, but Rosé is an exception. She hasn’t been called the hair-flipping queen for nothing.

Moments of rose hair volatility
Rosie performs Bombay

4. “How do you like it” the head-tossed moment

Blackpink’s choreographer really loves head banging and head throwing. How do you like this is the chorus too. The girls move their heads in unison, and Rosie especially manages to use her hair to shine in this move. See for yourself.

facial hair queen
Rosie in How Do You Like It Kr: Naver

5. Natural hair queen flips

Not only on stage, but Rosé has proven herself to be the queen of hair flips in real life, too. Often in airports, we saw the gorgeous idol with her loose, flowing locks, and she didn’t lie, sighing a little every time we saw her. It is a true embodiment of the phrase “New day, new slaughter”!

Queen's hair flip
the flower

These were the hair ups and downs from Queen Rosie herself.

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