Who is the weakest insect?


the insect in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba They are the most talented swordsman that the Demon Slayer Weapon has to offer. Each of these nine warriors could use their supernatural abilities to go toe-to-toe with even the strongest of the upper rank Muzan Kibutsuji Demons. All Nine Insect are equal in their title, but they are not equal in strength.

Some, like Gyomei Himejima and Muichiro Tokito, are so powerful that even other Hashira look at them in awe. However, a handful of these swordsmen are actually rather weak, at least by Hashira’s standards. Here’s a look at three of the Insane who have the most powerful outrageous Demon Slayers, yet are still the weakest swordsmen for the most prestigious title.

Kanuji Mitsuri is the Great Meat Armor

Mitsuri Kanrouji, the stepson of the late Kigoro Ringoku, is preparing to enter the spotlight in the upcoming anime arc ‘Swordsmith Village’. The Love Hashira, Kanroji developed her signature of Love-Breathing during her tenure at Rengoku’s Tsuguko (The Apprentice) when she realized that traditional flame breathing was not for her. Her muscle density is eight times higher than the average human, meaning her slender physique still possessed more strength than even the strongest warriors imaginable. While Kanrouji is a gorgeous female swordsman with a unique whip-like katana, it’s her strength that makes her worthy of Hashira, even if she fails to achieve much during the series.

During the ‘Village of Swords’ arc, Kanrouji arrives just in time as Tanjiro Kamado, his sister Nezuko and Jinya Shinzugawa are being drowned by Hantengu, the fourth highest rank of Twelve Kizuki. Kanrouji resisted his strongest level on his own, and even Hantengu was surprised that she had survived his strongest attack at point blank range.

Fighting a rank four without dying or permanently disfiguring was no small feat, but Kanroji didn’t do much other than stall for time, her sturdy body still taking brutal blows while Tanjiro dealt the final blow elsewhere on Hantengu’s main body. During the last manga arc, “Sunrise Countdown”, Kanroji was one of the last Hashira standing against Muzan but was mortally wounded almost immediately, and in the end made very little contribution to the final battle against Muzan and the higher ranks.

Tengen Uzui’s self-assessment is harsh but accurate

During the “Entertainment Zone” arc, Sound Hashira laughed at the idea that he was naturally talented, declaring that Gyutaro (Upper Six) needed to get out more if he thought Tengen was special. While Tengen Uzui definitely had self-esteem issues, his fight against a rank six higher ranker supported his claim that he was nothing compared to some other Insect.

Igoru Obanai, the Serpent Hashira, praised Tengen for his “modest” supreme defeat, stating that a stronger Hashira would have been much better against Gyutaro and Daki. Mitsuri Kanrouji and Moichiro Tokito fought at the 4th and 5th upper ranks respectively and regained their full strength within a few days, while Tenjin was permanently disfigured and forced to retire after a fight from the 6th upper ranks, which was so much weaker than the other upper ranks that even Muzan was not surprised when knowledge of his death.

Shinobu Kocho is Hashira’s weakest

The insect Hashira, Shinobu’s little frame prevents her from being physically able to behead any demon, be it a higher rank or weakest demon in Japan. At one time or another in the manga, all nine Hashira’s Demon Slayer Face a higher rank. Of the three hashras killed by the higher ranks – Ringoku, Shinobu, and Tokito – only Shinobu was killed almost instantly when confronted with Douma, of the second rank. The most tragic part about Shinobu’s demise was the fact that even Duma admitted that she would definitely have been quick enough to defeat him if she only had the strength to cut off his head.

In Shinobu’s defense, her poison succeeded in weakening Douma so much that Inosuke Hashibira and Kanao Tsuyuri were able to decapitate him. When Douma ate Shinobu, she had 37 kilos of wisteria poison circulating in her body, and a flashback revealed that she intended to eat it. However, the idea that the kamikaze’s plan was its only chance of defeating a higher-ranking demon – something that Jyumi, Sanemi, Moichiro, Tanjiro, and even Zenetsu were able to do without killing themselves – meant that Shinobu Kocho was somewhat weak by Hashira’s standards.

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