Why didn’t Gandalf realize that Bilbo had the only ring?

Gandalf was known for Bilbo’s magic ring in the hobbitHowever, it did not begin to investigate its origins until 60 years later the Lord of the Rings. But with many in Middle-earth realizing that Sauron was once again growing in strength, some fans are questioning why Bilbo’s ring is being ignored. So, what took Gandalf so long to realize that Bilbo discovered the One Ring?

JRR Tolkien’s novel the hobbit They never hinted that the ring had any dark background. After Bilbo stole it from Gollum, it was used in order to disappear, and no one thought much of it. And it wasn’t until Bilbo’s 111th birthday when Gandalf began to suspect something, as Bilbo was clearly not very old and seemed to be very attached to the body.

A common misconception is that only 20 magic rings were made because the poem “One Ring to Rule Them All” claims so much. However, this only referred to the Rings of Strength, which were more powerful than most of the spell-restricting items in Middle-earth. When it came to ordinary magic rings, these were more common, with Gandalf even telling Bilbo, “There are many magic rings in the world, Bilbo Baggins, and none of them should be used lightly.”

But while there are many magical episodes out there, it’s still curious how oblivious Gandalf is to Bilbo’s episode. However, most of it stems from Peter Jackson the hobbit trilogy, as these films focused more on Sauron’s return than the novel ever did. With Gandalf witnessing the Lord of Darkness with his own eyes, there was no doubt that he was regaining his strength. Meanwhile, Bilbo found a powerful ring.

There’s a big reason this coincidence with Gandalf didn’t happen, and that’s because the idea of ​​Bilbo finding the One Ring seemed out of the question. For nearly 3,000 years, the single ring has been missing, with no clues as to its whereabouts. Combined with the fact that magical rings aren’t exactly uncommon, the odds of Bilbo stumbling into Sauron’s strength ring were unfathomably low.

Furthermore, Gandalf wasn’t about to completely scratch the details of the One Ring. When he was sent to Middle-earth with the other magicians, the ring was already missing. So, despite being sent to act against Sauron, Gandalf didn’t really know much about what the Ring looked like. This is only proven by his research, where after having doubts about Bilbo’s theme in the novels, Gandalf left for 17 years before realizing it was Sauron’s ring.

During these 17 years, Gandalf hunted Gollum and tracked down the growing threat of Mordor. And only after searching for notes about Isildur in Minas Tirith, the truth shocked him. But even then, Gandalf had to throw Bilbo’s Ring into a fire to confirm his fears, and he still had hope that it wasn’t Sauron.

So, Gandalf can get a pass for not noticing the Bilbo episode. The idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hobbit remedying one of the most powerful evil relics in Middle-earth did not even cross anyone’s mind, and no one even knew its properties. This means that Gandalf’s realization that Bilbo holds the One Ring at all was impressive enough.

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