Why didn’t Moon Knight include Dracula’s special meme


Moon Night writer Jeremy Slater has revealed that he made a failed attempt to reference famous Dracula memes on the Disney+ show.

moon knight Writer Jeremy Slater has revealed that he couldn’t come up with a way to refer to the famous Dracula memes of Marvel in the Disney + Limited series.

“I tried really hard,” said Slater. “The problem is you can’t say f-ck on Disney+.” ComicBook.com. “And so you either have to do a really awkward whistle where something really breaks when they say that. But I also felt like it made him recreate any part of that meme, but not do the part that people liked the most, which is this kind of inappropriate swearing. I’ve It was kind of highlighting the fact that we can’t be cursed.”

The writer continued, “I still think [there are] Ways to get some of those memes out there. I’ve also said on record that I’d like to see him [Moon] Nate pursues Dracula at one point. And Blade may have put that area in a specific position, no pun intended, but look, if Moon Knight walks after Dracula, I can assure you that someone will be working on this meme right there somewhere.”

The meme’s origins are related to the Facebook group Moon Knight-Core, a fan group dedicated to providing humorous and appreciative posts about the superhero. The group edited a painting from the story “Tower of Shadows” in solo avengers #3. The original movie depicts Moon Knight walking down the stone stairs of a castle located in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California in search of a werewolf at night, while a viral meme called Moon Knight describes Dracula as a “nerd” asking the vampire to pay He returned an undisclosed amount of money.

While Dracula is on the pages of the comics, Marvel Studios has not officially introduced or hinted at the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the legendary vampire hunter Blade recently made his MCU debut through an uncredited voiceover in eternity Credits scene featuring Kit Harington, Dane Whitman.

moon knight The second season has not yet been confirmed, but Oscar Isaac, who plays the titular character, confirmed that he would be interested in reprising the role in other projects. With both Blade and Werewolf by Night set to be a larger part of the MCU, there will be plenty of opportunities for Slater or other writers to point to the original Werewolf by Night board or viral Dracula meme in the future.

moon knight Available to stream entirely on Disney+.

source: ComicBook.com

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