Why does Daredevil’s costume change from the MCU

With the news restarted reckless A series in the works at Disney+, one of the biggest concerns is the suit Matt Murdock will wear upon his return. The red body armor that looks like Christian Deville wasn’t exactly a favorite outfit among fans, so would Disney+ ignore this suit altogether? Can the new series finally give viewers the outfit they’ve been waiting for?

Daredevil’s red suit has been repeatedly thrown on the Netflix series. It was mostly worn by Matt in season two and in Defenders Miniseries after Matt forms an alliance with Melvin Potter, who creates the suit out of the same material as Wilson Fisk’s armor. Undoubtedly, the suit is Matt’s reason for staying alive – the protected helmet died from a bullet fired by Frank Castle, and the entire costume probably had a role in protecting Matt from the explosion at the end of the day. Defenders a series.

Despite the safety and utility of the suit, it still looked goofy. Even Jessica Jones couldn’t help but pick out his little antlers. But the thing is, this is the suit Daredevil has always worn in the comics and even in the terrible live-action movie. The lawsuit at Netflix’s reckless It had a logical design to it, but it didn’t work with the environment that Matt was in. In downtrodden New York City, with people like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Frank Castle walking around in plain clothes, Matt Saab is up for taking it seriously. He’s the only one who wears superhero clothes.

The other alternative was the simple black outfit and mask that rarely protects Matt, but looks great in it anyway. The black suit was a fan favorite because it reminded the audience that Matt was a human being and that he was as much a part of the city as everyone else on the street. Matt especially had to return to this costume in Season 3 when Benjamin Poindexter (aka Bullseye) stole the red suit to impersonate Daredevil, and went on a killing spree to turn the audience against the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

The Netflix series has been fairly open about the Red Suit case, but it is assumed that Matt never got it back, and he can’t get another one after falling between him and Melvin. That leaves plenty of room for Disney+ to bring back the red suit if the reboot kicks off where Season 3 left off, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s should. The black suit is so likable because it represents Matt he is Hell’s Demon Kitchen, with or without protection. Most of Matt’s abilities that were robbed in Season 3 gave him a new perspective on what kind of hero he wanted to be, yet the only reliance came on his abilities – without outside protection.

Make no mistake, there’s no way the Marvel Cinematic Universe won’t now officially give Canon Matt his red suit, whether it’s redesigned or not. Disney should do the marketing reckless As a superhero series, how many Halloween costumes and action figures could he sell if he only wore a black suit versus the red one? When it comes down to it, the horn suit is more profitable and that’s what Disney really aims for.

The Red Suit with enhanced protection is the tactical option, but it suffers from a loss of ground tone the entire series. For simplicity and realism, the black suit works best with Matt’s sinister and gritty side in the ruthless movement of New York City. In an ideal world, Disney would be able to find a happy medium between the two Daredevil suits in functionality and beauty by the time they relaunch the character for the small screen.

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