Why does Starfield’s delay divide players

Since Microsoft bought Bethesda in March 2021, along with other recent acquisitions, Xbox fans have been looking forward to a solid selection of first-party titles. One of the most awaited of these is starfield, a space exploration RPG and Bethesda’s first new IP in over two decades. During E3 2021, the trailer for the game revealed a release date of November 11, 2022. However, it was recently announced that it will be delayed until the first half of 2023, along with redvale, A cooperative shooting game also published by Bethesda.

Several other highly anticipated games have also been delayed lately, including the Nintendo sequel The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A timed PlayStation exclusive Final Fantasy XVI. While these delays are naturally disappointing for fans, most players accept that they are needed and that the end product will be better as a result. But, starfieldNext year’s delay means Xbox now doesn’t have first-party titles coming out this year, which has split fans tired of waiting for their most beloved series.

On the other hand, the delay should ensure that the final product is more complete and includes all the content intended to bring the developer’s vision to life. Seeing how that first-party title on another Xbox, infinite auraHowever, due to its lack of launch content, it’s possible that Bethesda will try to avoid making the same mistake by releasing an incomplete game too soon.

The delay will also give developers the time they need to ensure that the game runs smoothly and meets the high expectations of players. Avoid the same mistakes that CD Projekt Red made with Cyberpunk 2077 movieThe famously disastrous launch was also high on Bethesda’s mind. The developer’s reputation had already taken a similar blow when fallout 76 It was released with many bugs, so it is important that starfield He does not suffer the same fate. Delaying the game will give them the best chance of making good on their promises and creating a game that fans will love.

Finally, the delay will help developers avoid the crisis. In this sense, the delay is undoubtedly a positive outcome, as it is extremely important to take care of the mental health of the development team. Reducing stress and fatigue by minimizing the crisis is essential to their health, so delaying is definitely the right call. This will enable developers to produce their best work, as they will not be under much pressure to speed up content deployment.

In general, if a game is behind its production schedule, it is better to delay it than to rush to release an incomplete and buggy version. In this regard, starfieldDelay itself is not the main issue. The real problem, and why it’s becoming so divisive, is that Xbox doesn’t have first-party titles to fill in 2022, so players are left waiting to play these beloved first-party titles.

Although PlayStation fans might be annoyed by it Final Fantasy XVIdelay, they still have Forbidden horizon west And Gran Turismo 7 Released earlier in the year, with the likes of foresbook And God of War Ragnarok will come later. Similarly, Nintendo fans who were disappointed Breath of the Wild 2too late Pokemon Legends: Arceus And Kirby and the Forgotten Land To enjoy it earlier in the year, while the likes Mario Strikers: Battle League And Xenoblade Chronicles 3 They are still on their way. For Xbox fans, only third-party addresses are left, which is very disappointing given the huge number of exciting IP addresses Microsoft has. Hence, the fans were divided starfieldThe delay, as some fans are happy to wait, while others are increasingly impatient with Microsoft’s lack of first-party output.

Xbox gamers sure have a lot to look forward to with the likes Outer Realms 2, recognizedAnd War Gears 6a total darkness Replay, new content for infinite auraAnd a new possibility myth The whole game is on the table. Unfortunately, there is no exact release date for any of them, and fans are tired of waiting. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as there will be a joint demo of Xbox and Bethesda on June 12. This may include some much-needed updates to ease the pain frustrated fans are feeling.

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