Why the Vlad King’s joint training suspension was biased towards Class 1-B


My hero academyThe Combined Training arc has reintroduced Class 1-A student competitors, Hero Class 1-B. This was their first training exercise together and both classes were split into equal teams that were against each other to gauge their growth in the friendly competition.

All the students were motivated and determined to do their best, with Nito Monuma in particular enjoying the chance to finally beat Class 1-A, but there was no cheating or any cheating activities. In fact, the unsportsmanlike behavior was exhibited by a class 1-B teacher, Vlad King, who often emphasized his students’ accomplishments while belittling 1-A.

Vlad King’s love for his students cannot be overstated, and is not limited to only Class 1-B. When the League of Villains attacked the UA students in the jungle training camp, he put his body to the test to protect the extra lesson students from the powerful blue flame user, Dabi. His 1-B bias, while immature, is unfounded. Compared to 1-A, class 1-B had a quiescent initial period. Fortunately for them, they haven’t been targeted by the League of Villains yet, but during the sports festival, they aren’t able to shine as much as they’d hoped – much to Vlad’s dismay. Until the joint training, the names of many in the story have not yet been mentioned.

Vlad Sensi’s biased comment was mostly for comic purposes, but his secondary purpose was to force both MHA Viewers and Class 1-A to get a closer look at the progress of their fellow students. The goal of the joint training exercise for both classes was to compare their strengths, identify their weaknesses, and possibly help the Champion course students to hone each other’s edges. The screen time allotted to each category was roughly equal, but since 1-A have been the main characters in the series so far, audiences subtly tend to pay more attention to the characters of that category.

Vlad Sensi’s relentless praise exacerbated some of the A’s, forcing the audience to take a more critical approach to evaluating Class 1-B performance. Although their competitors won more matches overall, Class 1-B did not give them an easy task at all. In the matches they won or tied, Vlad made sure to celebrate victoriously their victories. In the matches they lost, he criticized the mistakes they made, but also noted moments of quick thinking or impressive resilience by his students.

For example, during the third match, Kaibara Sen was caught by Iida Tenya. When Ida takes him to the prison section of the training ground, he continues to struggle with Gyrate Quirk, forcing his captor to focus on keeping him in check and drastically slowing Iida’s speed. It seemed like a futile struggle at the moment to everyone who watched, but not Vlad King. He realized that it was Spiral’s constant struggle that prevented Iida from saving Todoroki Shoto even faster. Had Ida been one second faster to get to his teammate, the match would have ended very differently than the tie it had.

In fact, Vlad can get a little anxious at times, especially when he cheers his class members during match kickoff announcements and only attributes the first Class 1-A win to Shinsu’s involvement. But Class 1-B support wouldn’t have been halved if there was no truth to his exaggeration. Vlad Sensei forced both My hero academy The audience and Class 1-A to recognize its students and introduce a large number of new heroes who can be counted on even if Class 1-A is not available. But like a midnight banter, it was ironic that the Blood Control Quirk couldn’t help him deal better with his emotions.

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