why their album scheduled for this weekend has not been released?


La Sexion d’Assaut met this weekend at La Défense Arena in Paris, where they were to celebrate the release of their album Return of the Kings. It was not the case.

On tour throughout France, the Sexion d’Assaut stopped in Paris this weekend. The group, which met on the occasion of a tour accumulating more than forty dates, played two evenings in a row in front of a packed house at La Défense Arena. The culmination of their tour, these two dates were to be an opportunity for La Sexion to unveil their new album. Return of the Kings. In the end, the project was not revealed, as Gims discreetly admitted a few days earlier on Skyrock.

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The Sexion d’Assaut recognizes the delay on the project

“We are not running away from the question of the album, he explains. It is obvious, there is a delay on the project. We don’t talk about it, because we have a good time, people love the shows. Everyone leaves with something positive. We don’t want to bring back something that is a bit of a disappointment for them. We are on the file, it is progressing. For the moment, the rooms are full, people come, it’s important”.

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As a reminder, the Sexion d’Assaut announced its return a few months ago, first via the tour. Then, the various members suggested that an album could accompany it, a release date had even been associated with it: Saturday May 14, the day of their first date at La Défense Arena. That evening, many fans expressed their disappointment at not finding the opus in the room, when the group had promised to only exploit it physically on the dates of its tour.

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Thus, it will still be necessary to be patient for the fans before discovering Return of the Kings, a long chimera that has pursued the group for nearly a decade. Their tour continues until this summer and in the event of the release of an album, it is likely that Sexion d’Assaut will reconsider its initial decision not to publish it on streaming platforms. Then in the end, will the album really be released? The various members of the collective made paradoxical announcements during the promotion, some even ensuring that no album was planned. In case the album becomes concrete, an artist has in any case asked the Sexion to appear on the tracklist.

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