Will Victoria return on TV?

TV series focused on the lives of members of the royal family have been recurring success, but will Victoria return on PBS after the explosive third season ends?

Many people enjoy watching period dramas, especially those series that revolve around the lives of various members of the royal family throughout history. Netflix is ​​one of the most popular royal shows the crown, The fifth season will be shown in November. While Netflix is ​​home to both the crown And BridgetonMany British period dramas have called PBS a home for decades. Must be the highlight of PBS period dramas Downton Abbey – Who will get a second movie on May 20.

Sandyton It is another period drama from PBS – which had recently finished its second season after the series was canceled in December 2019. Sandyton It was even renewed for a third season, after fans thought the beloved series ended nearly three years ago. PBS’s fans Victoria You can only hope that they will meet the same fate Sandyton After the last episode aired in May 2019.

Victoria Its first season premiered in the United States on PBS in January 2017. The first season chronicled Queen Victoria’s early reign at just 18 in the mid-1800s until the birth of her first child – also named Victoria. Doctor from Star Jenna Colman portrayed Queen Victoria, opposite co-star Tom Hughes as the King’s husband, Prince Albert. Hughes and Coleman first developed on-screen electrochemistry during filming, which soon turned into a realistic relationship.

Like Victoria He added that the series dealt with topics such as the assassination attempt on the queen and the Anglo-Afghan war. By the time season three aired, Victoria and Albert had six children. The couple also had their differences – notably over how to treat their eldest son (who became King Edward VII of England). While some historical events are included in the series, many elements are included in this series Added for dramatic purposesincluding Prince Albert’s father and Victoria’s feelings towards Prime Minister Lord Melbourne.

The last episode that viewers watched was the season three finale, which ended in an explosive event, in which Albert falls into the arms of his wife. Fans also don’t know if Duchess Sophie left her toxic marriage to elope with Queen Joseph’s assistant, and whether Victoria’s relationship with her irritating half-sister Fedora has been repaired. With so many unanswered questions, it’s almost inhumane to end a series on that note. However, it is not clear if Hughes and Coleman can continue their electrochemistry, considering that the couple resigned in July 2020.

Victoria‘s The Instagram page has not been updated since July 2019. ITV Announcement in July 2021 Which confirmed that there are currently no “plans” to return to the series. However, ITV reported that it is possible to resume production again one day, which gave fans a small sliver of hope. Those who have researched Queen Victoria’s history would have discovered that Prince Albert did not die for another 10 years after he appeared to collapse in the season three finale. Victoria and Fedora also developed a close friendship. Despite knowing the actual historical events, fans still yearn for them Victoria to go back.

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