Wit Studio Streams 10th Anniversary Video (Updated) – Benefit


The studio is holding its 10th Anniversary Exhibition at Ikebukuro Parco from May 27 to June 20

Update: Wet Studio He changed the video to private, and did not post the video on his website or on Twitter. if Wet Studio By releasing a new official version of the video, ANN will edit it in the new video. ANN’s original article is below.

Animation production company Wet Studio Broadcasting a promotional video for the 10th anniversary on Saturday highlighting the creative work of the studio from The attack on the Giants to spy x family.


The studio is also organizing the 10th Anniversary Exhibition at Ikebukuro Parco Department Store from May 27 to June 20. The gallery will sell merchandise using the illustrations from the main visual image, as shown below:

Additionally, for residents of Japan, Wet StudioTwitter the account He makes a picture book a gift to encourage fans to share their memories of studio animation. To participate, follow the account and tweet with the hashtags #WIT10th and #WIT こ う (“Go to WIT Gallery”).

Source: press release

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