Wordle 328’s answer on May 13, 2022


Daily Wordle for puzzle number 328 is a fairly common adjective to which some players may still need hints.

Viral word game Word Today he’s back with another five letter challenge for players to solve the puzzle in. While the adjective players have to guess today is a fairly common word without any repeating letters, some players may still want some hints to get to the answer.

How to play Wordle

where Word It has been very popular this year, and there are a lot of clones and replicas out there. But all the tips, answers, and rules in this article will be about the original being hosted on New York Time Games. While it was originally created by Josh Wardle for powerlanguage, the New York Times . bought Word In February 2022. Other versions may have different rules and will have different answers as well.

Today’s video games
  • Head to New York Times Games Word website.
  • Choose the starting word.
  • Words must be five letters long, be a real English word, and not one of the many words censored by The New York Times Word.
  • Word The words are not plural and are usually the American versions of the words. A word can also contain repeating letters.
  • Type your starting word into the site and press enter.
  • The color of the letters will change: green is true, gray is false, yellow is true but in the wrong place in the word.
  • Players have a total of six attempts to guess the answer.
  • Puzzles reset at midnight local time daily.

After completing today’s puzzle, players will see Word List. Here players will find their stats and the spoiler-free share button. Statistics include winning streaks, total puzzles played, guess distribution, total winnings, and more as long as the player uses the same browser and device every day.

Hints for Wordle 328 on May 13, 2022

today Word The word of the day is a very common word and it should be easy to guess. However, some will need a few hints, and here are a few without the complete spoiler.

  • today Word The word ends in SY.
  • This word is an adjective.
  • It contains one vowel and a Y.
  • It also contains P.
  • It does not contain duplicate characters.
  • This word is used to describe someone who has been drinking.

Reply to Wordle 328 on May 13, 2022

If players still need the full answer, check the image below for a spoiler Word 328.

answer Word Puzzle 328 is drunk.

Word Available for any browser.

source: WordAnd reddit

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