Wordle 331 answer on May 16, 2022


Wordle, the viral puzzle game that seems to be everywhere on social media, is back today with another tricky word for fans to guess.

today Word Today’s answer is another interesting challenge from the New York Times. Players from all over the English-speaking world will log in in the middle of the night to try to guess this puzzle, but some of those may need some hints to get to the answer without losing Word winning streak.

How to play Wordle

There are tons of Word The clones are out there, but this article will be about the original, which is now hosted on the New York Times Games website. It was originally on powerlanguage, but has been in the New York Times since the newspaper bought it in February. If players are playing a different version of WordThe rules and answers may be different.

Today’s video games
  • Head over to the NYT Games website and search for it Word.
  • Choose the starting word. It must be an English word of five letters. Most of the potentially offensive words have been removed by the New York Times, along with most spellings of non-American words. Word Words are also not plural versions of words, although plurals can be used for guesses. Word Answers can also contain repeating characters.
  • write start Word word on the site and press enter.
  • The color of the letters will change: green for correct letters, yellow for correct letters in the wrong place in the word, gray for incorrect letters.
  • Given these clues, players have a total of six guesses to arrive at the answer.
  • The puzzles reset daily at midnight local time.
  • After today’s puzzle is completed, players will be able to see Word The menu, which contains the spoiler-free share button as well as some stats. These stats include winning streaks, total number of Word Puzzles and more are played.

Hints for Wordle 331 on May 16, 2022

Today’s answer is difficult, if not the most difficult of all the previous 330 . answers Word the answers. If anyone wants a few hints without spoiling the whole word, here are some clues:

  • today Word The word today contains a pair of repeating letters.
  • This word begins with the letter D.
  • The verb can mean “to dig in.”
  • Contains two vowels.
  • The word today contains the letter V.
  • It chimes with twelve.

Reply to Wordle 331 on May 16, 2022

If anyone still needs a full Word Word of the day, check out the bottom of this photo. spoilers in the future.

answer Word Puzzle 331 is wading.

Word Available for any browser.

source: WordAnd reddit

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