Writer Doctor Strange 2 explains why the scene had to be so brutal


Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, writer Michael Waldron discusses the reasons why a certain scene in a Marvel movie is so violent.

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Writer Michael Waldron gave a reason why the Crimson Witch to kill the Illuminati in Master of the Mystic Arts’ latest cinematic outing must have been so brutal.

Waldron explained while speaking to Vanity Fair What was intended to eliminate the Illuminati. “When they appear in the movie,” he said, “bad things have been happening for a while. Wanda has been on a bit of a rampage.” “These characters finally show up and you feel safe for a moment. You feel like, well, there’s some adults in the room; they know what’s going on, and they’re going to keep us safe. They’re a bit like space marines in Aliens. Then they fade away. The public safety net is falling from under their feet. Suddenly they became completely terrified. And the Scarlet Witch had never been so terrifying before. This is a great place to get the audience going into chapter three.”

Before that, Waldron stood recently The multiverse of madness“The PG-13 rating, which has sparked some controversy due to the film’s more focused horror elements,” he remarked, “yes. I mean, people’s heads are melting and exploding. [laughs] You know, I think the movies that had the most impact for me were the ones that felt a little dangerous to watch as a kid, so it’s fun to feel like we made one of those.”

Waldron also touched on the negative reception of some WandaVision Fans submitted the movie due to Scarlet Witch being the villain, and commented that “[gets] “As for the selection of Scarlet Witch The multiverse of madnessThe villain, Waldron stated that the idea was formed early, given that he and director Sam Raimi were given the opportunity to remake the film thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic pushing back the start date and determining what The multiverse of madnessIt must be the story.

However, while the Scarlet Witch was quite lethal in the movie, its actress Elizabeth Olsen revealed that the character was supposed to have a larger body, even though Olsen had a problem with that. “I was like, ‘Those are humans and that Wanda is okay with ending their lives?'” remembered. “But I just had to tighten my seatbelt and I think all these people got in her way and I warned Dr. Strange not to get in her way. And he did. He didn’t listen. So I just had to move from this point of view.”

Directed by Sam Raimi, Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It is now in theaters.

source: Vanity Fair

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