“You shouldn’t be ashamed of your old videos”


After Squeezie reacted to his old gaming videos, evoking the opinion of the Player of the Attic at the time, the latter reacted.

Back to his videos on GOAT Simulator, eight years later, Squeezie recently spoke about the criticisms that the Player of the Attic had been able to address to him at the time, displaying a certain form of understanding. Finally, the person concerned reacted during a live, explaining that he did not necessarily agree with the YouTuber. As a reminder, Squeezie had described as “torture» the revision of the contents that he had been able to propose before. “Show that to JDG, he’s having a stroke, poor thing. he laughed. That’s why he’s a little more bitter than the medium. He saw that when he was over 30. If even us today is hard, imagine him back then, being older than us now!“. The videographer, however, qualified his remarks, notably addressing the change in YouTube codes over the years.

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Grenier player on Squeezie: “He was a very good host”

Frankly, not at allcontradicted the Player of the Attic, who explained his loss of views on YouTube. I was just content not to watch. Like all people who are not looking for this kind of stuff. It doesn’t matter, he does what he wants. I wasn’t sour on it“. While the creator noted that Squeezie said that jokingly, he did however point out that he watched very little content on YouTube in general, back then and still now. “He was a very good facilitator at what he did.assured the Player of the Attic. In this kind of animation, in exaggeration. A bit like PewDiePie did before. He was doing a very good job“.

With hindsight, the Attic Player prefers to see progression and change rather than the difficulty of the beginnings. “It’s a shame because he watches his old videos thinking it was shit beforehe explained. You don’t have to say that. It wasn’t shit. It was just a different vibe, at a different age, aimed at a different audience. Do not be ashamed of his old videos. You can have fun, joke about it, but don’t look at your old stuff and be ashamed of it“. The videographer notably mentioned his own example. “Me, I made extremely borderline jokes in the past and I completely assume them. I do not care. What was funny. And then the general atmosphere has changed, there are jokes that we can’t do now, but they’re still jokeshe concluded.

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