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The Korean drama industry currently offers the best dramas that it can offer. From the novel’s storylines to the amazing cast, everything screams perfect. Summer 2022 has just begun, and we already have 2-3 great dramas on our watchlist. From romantic comedies like Business Proposal to thrillers like Happiness, K-dramas keep us well-fed with content. The drama that we are going to discuss here is a supernatural drama. It’s a Korean drama on MBC. The drama deals with the sensitive topic of self-harm.

Tomorrow is 16 episodes long and it got good reviews. The drama was sensitive to the topic they were dealing with. Tomorrow may not have peaked in real-time TV ratings, but those who watched the show claimed it was a compelling viewing. Since the drama deals with life, death, and the afterlife, we can’t help but ponder after we’ve finished watching the episode. Without further ado, let’s get into the details of the drama, if it’s worth watching and much more.

Tomorrow’s plot summary korean drama

The K-Drama Tomorrow is based on one of the popular web programs “Tomorrow” by Llama. It is available on webtoon The app and website for you to read.

The drama begins with Koo Ryeon, a reaper trying to save a group of people who are on their way to mass suicide. You have succeeded in doing this, and we get an introduction to the work you are doing. Koo Ryeon has another member Lim Ryung Gu by her side, who helps her. It was revealed that they work for an afterlife company called Jumadeung. Jumadeung is like no office we have here. They strive to make the transition to the afterlife easier. After all, a lot of deaths happen every day. Someone should keep a record of all lives and their actions during their lifetime.

Koo Ryeon and Ryung-Gu work on the Risk Management Team, a relatively newer team at Jumadeung. While other grim reapers simply collect the souls of those who die, the RM team strives to save the ones whose lives are ending. Furthermore, they always get into a fight with the leader of the Soul Escort team, Park Jong-il. He and his team see no point in saving people who have already given up on life.

In real life, we have Choi Jun Woong, who is desperately looking for a job. No matter what he does, he is unable to get a job for himself. One day while walking on the bridge, he saw a man trying to jump off the bridge. He rushes to his rescue, thus interfering with the work of the RM team. He ended up taking the fall off the bridge too, and ended up in a coma. We soon see the phenomenon of astral projection happening, as Jun-Woong’s soul was now outside his physical body. Loo-Ryeon explains how he got into their work, and now as a kind of repentance, he has to work at Jumadeung for three months. After three months he can return to his body.

K-Drama Tomorrow
Tomorrow Cre: Netflix

Jun-Woong chooses RM and has now joined forces to prevent anyone from committing suicide. In the midst of it all, he’s learning a lot of life lessons and learning to cherish life a little more. Along with him, we viewers get a new perspective on life, the afterlife, and everything in between. Tomorrow’s K-Drama was an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Actors and characters of tomorrow

K-Drama Tomorrow has one of the most beautiful cast groups. Grim Reapers are usually beautifully shown in Korean dramas, and tomorrow is no exception. We have veteran actor Kim Hee-Soon playing the lead of the risk management team, Koo Ryeon. Koo Ryeon herself is a mysterious character and her story is dark. She has been brought back from the realms of Hell to work at Jumadeung. The highly talented K-pop star and actor Roo Won plays Choi Jun Woong. He’s a stutter but he’s also very cute. His character is really a break in a dark show. Furthermore, Yoon Ji Eun as Lim Ryung Joo. He is also a member of the RM team. Unlike its tough exterior, it is smooth on the inside. He himself is a tormented soul. In fact, both Koo Ryeon and Ryung-Gu have a sad backstory that you will get an insight into when you watch the show.

Moving forward, we have the very handsome Lee Su Hyeok as Park Joong-Il. He is a grim and ruthless reaper, and by the nature of his work, he has become indifferent. His unknown history with Koo Ryeon increases the impatience within us. Furthermore, we have Kim Hae Sook, who is the Emperor of Jumadeung. In short, she is the principal at Jumadeung.

The cast of korean drama tomorrow

All actors fit like gloves in their roles. In fact, along with the main cast, we got many special appearances from various actors on the show. Usually, each new episode deals with a new situation, and we’ve seen some well-known faces make a cameo. K-pop stars like Yang Seeing Yoon and Cha Hak Yeon have played lead roles in some episodes. The drama is full of stars, and it has made a good impact on viewers.

Should you watch korean drama tomorrow?

The answer is simple. yes! Tomorrow’s Korean drama is totally worth your time. The intricate characters and their intricate lives will keep you addicted to the show. You may be attached to most of the characters, and if you are struggling with something, you may be able to find some solutions. The show feels like a warm hug, canceling out the renewed sense of hope that the next day will be better. No matter how desperate you feel today, tomorrow will be a new opportunity in life, so grab it. We may not have a risk management team to save us from the demons inside us, but we are surrounded by people who care about us. We just need to look around. On that note, see tomorrow if these topics interest you. And even if they don’t, it’s never a bad idea to try new species; you will not regret it.

Watch Tomorrow on Netflix.

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