Yuehua Entertainment’s junior group: Meet the TEMPEST members


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At the beginning of 2022, Yuehua Entertainment announced that it would introduce a new boy group. Upon the release of the promotional schedule, the company went on to announce a new boy group, TEMPEST. The company took a month to familiarize TEMPEST members with its use, which has us in the eye. The TEMPEST boys debuted on March 2, 2022. Throughout January, Yuehua Entertainment continued to release introductory graphics along with individual posters for the boys. To keep fans on their toes for a month, it’s finally time.

Following a teaser for the music video and track list, TEMPEST went on to release the Sketch Recording Album for their upcoming mini album “It’s ME, It’s WE!” On March 2, TEMPEST’s boys finally debuted with the song “Bad News”. 3,4106 copies Since the TEMPEST members are busy promoting themselves and preparing for live stages, fans have been wanting to know more about k-pop freshmen.

Learn more about the members of Yuehua Entertainment’s New Boy Group ‘TEMPEST’

Yuehua Entertainment’s rookie boy group TEMPEST is a seven-member boy group. TEMPEST consists of Lew, Hanbin, Eunchan, Hwarang, Taerae, Hyeongseop and Hyuk. Here are some things you need to know about boys before you make them biased towards you!!!


Leo hails from Incheon, South Korea, and Leo’s full name is Lou Eui Wong. Being one of the first lines, Leo’s birthday falls on the 5th of April. He is a graduate of the infamous Hanlim Multi Art School. Leo serves as the leader of the boy group TEMPEST, and also serves as the lead rapper, vocalist and composer for the boy group. In TEMPEST, its keyword is PRESENT. He went on to publicize his career as an idol by appearing on the survival show Produce 101 S2 and ended up being ranked 23. Prior to debuting with TEMPEST in February 2022, Lew debuted as a duo with Hyeongseop in 2017.

Storm members

But unfortunately, the duo had to break up in 2021. He also appeared on the TV show 2020 Tok! Tok! Bonnie Haney. Play the role of Bonnie. Long before he became an idol trainee, Lou appeared as a civilian on the show’Hello counselorAfter that, Lew received offers to earn idols from 11 different agencies. He eventually chose Yuehua Entertainment. When the idol debuted again with the boy group, fans were skeptical about Lu’s stage name. But with the passage of time, Leo’s talent became what Makes people crazy

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Kim Tae Rae hails from Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea, and is known by his stage name Taerae. Being a Model 02, Taerae’s birthday falls on May 9. As part of the boy group TEMPEST, the idol works as a rapper for the boy group. While Taerae is the maker of TEMPEST, at home, he’s Hyung. Being a Sehyeon High School graduate, the idol has been passionate about acting since school time. The idol used to be a part of his school’s drama club and was also known as the school visual. The idol started his career journey as a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment. After passing his apprenticeship, Taerae was the second member to be announced as part of the boy group.

TEMPEST members
TEMPEST members: Taerae

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Hailing from Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Choi Byeong Seop is known by his stage name Eunchan. Being a Model 01, Eunchan’s birthday falls on February 27. Being a part of the boy band TEMPESTt, the idol works as a sub-vocal of the boy band. In TEMPEST, its keyword is CLASSIC. He was the sixth member revealed by Yuehua Entertainment. Just like fellow member Lew, Eunchan is also a graduate of the infamous Hanlim Multi Arts School. He was from the Fashion Design department and graduated with the class of 2020. Besides being an artistic person, Eunchan also enjoys sports. In his family, Eunchan is the youngest member.


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Hanbin’s full name originated from Yên Bái, Vietnam, and is Ngô Ngọc Hưng. For being 98 streaks, Hanbin’s birthday falls on January 19. As part of the boy band TEMPEST, Hanbin serves as the lead dancer and lead vocalist. In TEMPEST, its keyword is CHALLENGE. Before starting his career as an idol, Hanbin had already started his career as a dancer. Having taught himself how to dance at the age of fifteen, Hanbin started the dance troupe called “CAC”. After leading the group from 2016 to 2019, the idol began his football career.

TEMPEST members
TEMPEST members: Hanbin

He began his training in July 2019 with BE: LIFT lab, and participated in the I-Land Survival Show. Initially relegated to the ground after the first episode, Hanbin quickly moved up to number 12 in episode 7. But the idol was soon eliminated in episode 11. With a well-established fan base, Hanbin went on to hold his first solo meeting in 2020. In June In 2021, Hanbin finally left BE: LIFT Lab and went on to sign with Yuehua Entertainment. He trained with the new company for 8 months, and went on to debut in the boy group TEMPEST.

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Hyeongseop hails from Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, just like fellow Lew, Hyeongseop’s full name is Ahn Hyung Seop. For being 99 streaks, Hyeongseop’s birthday falls on August 9. Being a part of the boy band TEMPEST, the idol works as a singer and dancer for the band. For public appearances, he occasionally takes on the role of supervisor for a boy band. At TEMPEST, his main word is PASSION. To announce his idol career, Hyeonseop also participated in the survival show Produce 101 S2. By the end, the idol’s rank was revealed in 16th place.

TEMPEST members: Hyeongseop

Before joining Yuehua Entertainment, the idol used to be an idol trainee under Bighit Entertainment. He used to train with TXT’s Yeonjun. Along with the duo with fellow Leo, the idol also went on to make his acting debut in 2017 as well. He has acted in the web drama Mischievous Detectives on Naver TV Cast along with the TV show Tok! Tok! Bonnie Haney. The idol also won the award for Best Fantasy Make-up at the Bonihani Award.

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Hyuk hails from Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, and Hyuk’s full name is Ko Bon Hyuk. Being a 00 model, Hyuk’s birthday falls on the 17th of April. As she is part of the boy group TEMPEST, the idol is the lead vocalist for the group. In TEMPEST, its keyword is possibility. Hyuk was one of the talented trainees. The idol also has a beautiful appearance and the most beautiful eyes. Before joining Yuehua Entertainment and making his debut with TEMPEST in February 2022, he also auditioned for several other entertainment companies.

TEMPEST members: Hyuk

After his first attempt, Hyuk passed auditions for FNC Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and Big Hit Entertainment. But in the end I decided to go with Yuehua Entertainment. In his house, he is an older brother to his younger sister. The idol often teaches the members choreography after taking dance lessons.

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Song Jae-won, who hails from Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, is known by his stage name Hwarang. Being a Class 01, Hwarang’s birthday falls on the 23rd of April. As part of the boy group TEMPEST, the idol serves as the lead rapper, lead dancer and composer for the boy group. In Tempest, its keyword is FREEDOM. He is a graduate of Cheongdam High School in Gangnam. Hwarang started his career as a trainee in 2015. The idol joined DSP Media, and has been a trainee in the entertainment company for more than 6 years.

Storm members
TEMPEST members: Hwarang

He even trained with members of the band MIRAE. He was also a contestant on the Under-19 Survival Program and ranked 32. Throughout his training, Hwarang looked up to Kard’s J. Seph. He was also the background dancer for the mixed group in the music video for KARD’s Singles Enemy. After passing his internship, Hwarang was the third member to be announced as part of TEMPEST.

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