Zac Efron, Rebel Wilson stars in new movies coming to theaters and streaming platforms

Reno, NV (Colo) – Next on the blockbuster summer movie list, after last weekend Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, he is fire starter championship Zac Efron, the former High School Musical star who is now old enough to be a father. And that’s exactly what it is in Stephen King’s novel-to-movie adaptation. Efron plays Andy McGee, who must help his daughter (Ryan Keira Armstrong) Navigating in her ability to set fire to her mind. The book “Firestarter” was published in 1980 and then turned into a 1984 movie starring, Drew Barrymore As little girl Charlie. David Keith as her father Andrew McGee; And Heather Locklear As her mother, Vicki McGee. The 2022 movie hits theaters everywhere on Friday, May 13.

Rebel Wilson She is back in her first movie since 2019 when she starred in the musical, the cats. Instead of a cat, Wilson plays a high school cheerleader who hits her head right before her big prom, falls into a coma and wakes up 20 years later as a 37-year-old woman. at Graduation YearAnd Wilson’s character is determined to go back to high school and fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming the prom queen, but a lot has changed since she was the “girl” ruling. Graduation Year Streaming now on Netflix.

Now streaming on Disney+, it’s the latest spin on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella. Sneakerella shoes He takes the role of a traditional “poor” and gives it to a teenage boy in New York City who dreams of designing sneakers for the shoe empire, “King.” However, his sinister move-the father He runs counter to his stepson’s creativity that forces “El” to take matters into his own hands by attracting the attention of shoe brand heir, Keira King. This hip-hop music develops around a famous story of stars Choose JacobsAnd Lexi Underwood And John Sally.

Airing Sunday on HBO and HBOMax, it’s the first episode of Time Traveler’s Wife. Rose Leslie And Theo James They are the latest duo to take on the roles of Claire Abshire and Henry DeTamble. It’s a love story that started as a book by Audrey Niveniger and was turned into a movie in 2009 starring Eric Bana And Rachel McAdams. The pair find themselves falling in love despite, or perhaps because of, Henry’s strange genetic ability to travel through time – but only during his lifetime. The first of six episodes airs on Sundays.

Finally on Netflix, a new book-to-movie-to-series remake. Lincoln’s attorney The year 2011 was a starring drama Matthew McConaughey As a defense attorney he begins to believe that his client is guilty of more than one crime. right Now, Lincoln’s attorney The limited series follows a similar story line. Manuel Garcia Rulfo He is the seasoned idealist who runs his legal practice from the back of a Lincoln Town Car and handles cases throughout Los Angeles. This offer can be indulged in the weekend. All 10 episodes now streaming on Netflix.

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