Zack Snyder’s fan bots are said to be fake in the Oscars fan categories


At the 94th Academy Awards earlier this year, films directed by Zack Snyder were army of the dead And Justice League Zack Snyder It came on top of two new fan-voted categories, Oscars Fan Favorites and Oscars Cheer Moment, respectively. However, a new report suggests that the vote may have been rigged thanks to Twitter bots that support Snyder’s work.

Ahead of this year’s Oscars, fans can take to Twitter to vote for their “best picture” selection, if desired, in the Oscars Fan Favorites photo. They can also vote for their favorite movie of all time as part of the Oscars Cheer Moment category. The moment Flash (Ezra Miller) enters the Speed ​​Force in the Snyder director’s story Justice Squad Cheer Moment eventually won, while the director of the zombie heist movie army of the dead It won a fan-favorite Oscar. to me coilingHowever, two reports from the hashtag analytics tracker Tweetbinder found that “the most active contributors to both surveys were independent web software,” which “denotes thousands of fake votes” for Snyder’s films.

According to University of Maryland professor David Kirsch, who studies fan programming, the accounts of fans of Snyder who voted for the director’s films “certainly don’t look like they were made by a human user.” So he said, coiling He notes that these accounts were “on the borders of [Kirsch’s] The research team’s cut-off point for definitively declaring them robots.”

However, the use of bots seems likely, given some of the intriguing things about voting – such as the massive one-day jumps in the number of ballot papers. For example, on February 27 – exactly one month before the Oscars – 25,000 votes were counted. While Snyder certainly has a dedicated fan base, this was a significant increase from previous weeks, during which the daily number of votes cast ranged from 4,000 to 15,000.

Telescope, the company that actually conducted the survey, did not respond to it coilingFrequent requests for comment. A representative for Snyder himself also declined to comment. However, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reportedly stands by the survey results.

According to an insider, the vote was limited to 20 votes per thread on Twitter, and accounts under 24 hours old were banned and included votes cast on the academy’s website. Under these parameters, army of the dead It was the “clear winner” for the Oscars fans favorite category. Moreover, the academy appears to be considering conducting a similar survey next year.

As for the Justice SquadThe DC Extended Universe 2017 flick “Snyder Cut” finally saw the light of day in 2021 after a massive fan campaign. Interestingly enough, though, Israeli company Cyabra has previously discovered that among the many accounts inviting DC and Warner Bros. To “#ReleaseTheSnyderCut” there were nearly 25,000 bots. However, Cyabra also refused to release a statement to coiling.

source: coiling

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