Zelda & Animal Crossing fans should look forward to Lonesome Village

trailer for lonely villagePosted on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, it features mysterious ruins to be explored in a town filled with charming animal characters. However, behind the warm colors and cute animals lies a strange sense of mystery. First impressions of the trailer immediately bring to mind titles such as animal crossing And the legend of zeldawith a hint of Stardu Valley Mixed in a good measure.

lonely village It is the latest game from indie studio Ogre Pixel, based in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Its developers described it as a “puzzle-solving adventure with a social simulation.” Players will take on the role of Wes the coyote, as they arrive at the proud village of Lonesome. Here, there are many mysteries waiting to be solved, including the origins of Wes himself. Players will build a new home and life in the village, fish, tend their garden, and make friends with neighbors as they slowly ascend to a mysterious tower.

The game promises a relaxing atmosphere, charming graphics and captivating stories to discover. players enjoy animal crossing They’ll love building and customizing Wes’ house and its look as well as befriending fellow animal villagers. is similar to Stardu ValleyThe game features fishing and gardening, allowing Wes to become a part of the community.

Members the legend of zelda You will surely be drawn to exploring dungeons and solving puzzles. One dungeon at a time, Whis must uncover the truth behind what happened to the village and rescue the villagers from the tower. Players can also expect playable machines and buddies who will join Whis for adventures.

lonely village It started as a Kickstarter project and reached its goal in the first 24 hours of the campaign, raising over $106,000 out of its modest $20,000 total goal to build the game. To the developers’ delight, the campaign’s 3,519 supporters filtered out all of the project’s extended targets and even the additional target of animated scenes, which were later added to the campaign. While a Kickstarter-supported game can sometimes raise consumer red flags, the relatively small scale of lonely villageAlong with its extended realistic goals, gameplay quality, and revealed animations, it shows that Ogre Pixel has been working hard to honor the support it has received.

While all of Ogre Pixel’s previous titles have been mobile games, their regular updates on social media show just that. lonely village In good hands. Along with updates to the game, developers publish art In the lonely village A style to celebrate events like the Met Gala and Mother’s Day. Although there is no official release date yet, the game is expected to release in the third quarter of 2022. Not only did the Ogre Pixel make a call to beta testers in April, but it also made a playable demo available on Steam, so it looks like Progress is being made. It won’t be long before players can have fun lonely village for themselves.

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