Zuukou Mayzie teases her next album “The Movie”


After Primera and Segunda TemporadaZuukou Mayzie is about to continue with the Film. An album where each piece will bear the name of a film.

Zuukou Mayzie is a big movie buff. On leaving his film school, the self-proclaimed BG of 667 definitely launched into rap. But his first passion sticks to his skin and is enormously present in his music. “Tarantino”, “Haku”, “Qui-Gon Jinn” or even “LOTR”, some titles of his songs refer to it directly. Also, the artist does not hesitate to incorporate scenes from action films or Miyazaki for some of his clips.

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Zuukou Mayzie:The film, this is the name of my album”

What could be more logical than to call his next album The film. This is indeed what he confided on Twitter, specifying that each piece would bear the name of a film: “The filmfor people asking, this is the name of my albumeach title will be a movie title“. Given the references that Zuukou Mayzie leaves here and there in his music, we could therefore expect to move from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, Batman or even Miyazaki films.

A slightly surprising album name. Indeed, while Zuukou had embarked on the Primera and Segunda Temporada sequence in 2020 and 2021, many were expecting Tercera Temporada in 2022. In the end, therefore, nothing will be. As for the guests of this future album, Zuukou Mayzie has cast doubt so far, but it’s a safe bet that the cast will be up to the occasion.

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