What is Chainsaw Man’s power?

The devil power of Power in Chainsaw Man is actually a Blood Fiend (血ちの魔ま人じん Chi no Majin?) with the ability to eat a devil and rub out their existence, and as a Public Safety Devil Hunter he is also an important member of Makima’s special squad that concentrates on hunting devils.

Chainsaw man all about power

Who is the strongest in Chainsaw Man?

So you may be wondering Who is the strongest in Chainsaw Man? He is Denji who is the main protagonist of the Chainsaw Man manga series and of course he is the strongest among all the other characters including Makima.

Denji has a Devil who can even erase any other devil it eats from existence.

How does power die in Chainsaw Man?

So you want to know how doe power died in Chainsaw Man, simply after Denji opened the door Makima Killed him with her devil technique (It’s technique works by placing her hand on his or her head even if the person is dead).

It took from her only one shot to break up Power’s body into small pieces, what a power.

Makima can revive if she eats the blood of a stronger devil but she didn’t let this happen when she killed Power.

But Is she really dead?

Is power from Chainsaw Man dead?

So is Power dead or not? Yes, she is dead in the hands of violent Makima but later after that Power created a triumphant return in a special way that only she can, albeit in a new form.

Who all died in chainsaw man?

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 1
Tomato DevilDenji/PochitaDevil
Unnamed Devil (Slime)Denji/PochitaDevil
Denji’s FatherSuicide (Later revealed as killed by Denji)Human
Denji’s MomHeart ConditionHuman
Debt CollectorTurned into Zombie/
Killed By Chainsaw Man
Debt Collector’s Yakuza GangTurned into Zombie/
Killed By Chainsaw Man
Zombie DevilChainsaw ManDevil
Chapter 2
Muscle DevilChainsaw ManDevil
Chapter 4
Unnamed Fiend(Crab shaped)DenjiFiend
Chapter 5
Sea Cucumber DevilPowerDevil
Chapter 9
Bat DevilChainsaw ManDevil
Chapter 10
Leech DevilAki/Fox DevilDevil

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