Sometimes you receive calls from an unknown number and will leave any identity which helps you to find them, sometimes you receive calls from a scammer, telemarketers or maybe on the other side there is your old friend, but you do not confirm the identity of that person.

To know about the callers and check their identity you are using some tools that are given by some searching websites and will help you to identify the person who called you like BestPeopleFinder these types of websites are free or some of them are paid. You just need to enter the phone number in the given search bar and collect the data.

Who called Me?

Following is the list of those people that might call you from an unknown number.

Phone harasser

Sometimes you receive calls from a phone harasser that it is difficult to find out the identity of that person because they call you from different phone numbers.


There are many people like stalkers who have kept an eye on you and they physically follow you or call you from different unknown numbers.


There is a digital world time and people are using different internet platforms for promoting their products, telemarketers are calling you from the unknown to promote their products.

Old relatives or friends

Sometimes your relative and old friend is calling you from an unknown number and you want to identify that by performing the search who is calling me from this number, using different search engines.

Which things made a good phone lookup service

There are many things involved when you choose a reverse phone lookup service. The following are some key points that help you to choose the best reverse phone lookup service.

Detail must be legal

Whenever you choose any website for searching reverse phone lookup make sure that it will provide you with legal and authentic information about the target.

Type of information

Different search engines provide different types of information like employers, business, or personal use, you just decide which information you need.


The best reverse phone lookup service is that which gives you accurate information about the target person. 

Limitation of searching phone number

Some search service providers give you the service of searching limited phone numbers in a month so you check it before subscribing to it.

Must be customer supported

Choose that website that provides the best customer service to the user because you may need help at any stage.

8 best ways to find out who called me

  1. BestPeopleFinder

A public record search engine is like an online directory that helps to find out the information about anyone, including the name, address, relative and other information.BestPeopleFinder provides the best assistance to find out the information about anyone.

It provides comprehensive data and has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and you can access it easily on all modern provides the information deeply and it is the best search engine, it gives 99% accurate results provided to its users.


  • Provide the comprehensive data
  • Contact detail
  • Sexoffender Information
  • Provide the data within 5 seconds
  • Provide the address lookup service
  • Reverse email lookup service
  • Background checks and so on.


This search engine is the most famous search engine on the internet and is growing is a free search engine and it is up to you to register on this website.  This will be used to find out the personal information of the person.

You are not able to save the information until you make an account on this website. searching on this website is legal because this company protects the user’s privacy.


  • you can get a list of people found on this website.
  • Compare each people with the other
  • You can click on the photo to get the larger detail about the target
  • You can collect family members and other information

3. NumLooker

Numlooker is a great website for those people who want to know the information of the target before attending the call. It is free to check the quick information about who is calling. It has two modes of operation one is auto mode and the second is manual.

Automatic mode just will display the information as you receive the call and manual mode is where you push up and reveal the caller ID. it will save you for the next time from unknown number calls.


  • You can view caller ID for all incoming calls
  • If you need then you will also check the recording date
  • You can also able to view the all incoming class company ID

4. PeopleFinders

It provides the high-quality information of a business directory, providing 25 million business information. This will include the company address, name, email, and others. This offers you different services such as phone lookup service address lookup service.

This will provide comprehensive information. You can choose this website for a reverse phone lookup service.


  • It has a local and national business directory
  • It searches for local and national business
  • It also gives the search reverse lookup service

5 .SearchPeopleFree

It is a website that is designed to check the information about who is calling, it has a different variety of features, uses technology, and it updates frequently. when you are using this website the callers will see your number but not know who called. 

Use their simple search tool and block that number.


  • It offers you if you want to call the answer without charge 
  • You can see the caller ID
  • It will block the number that will not use
  • You can listen to voicemail and save it to your computer.


It looks easy to find out who is calling just by entering the number to get the details about the caller But is difficult when to do so. Sometimes numbers do not appear or do not exist. but this is just a time-consuming task.

PeopleFinderFree is an alternative to find out the information of the caller. You can know immediately who is called you. This service will give you all the details about the caller. It provides you with quick and fast searches.


  • You can search by number or name
  • You can receive results in real-time
  • Using it free
  • 24/7 customer service

7. FastPeopleSearch

It is a fast online search tool for anyone, who calls you on the phone, texts you, or mails you. You can try out their free service to know about who called or email you.

It is uneasy to use a platform for searching for information about the people. You can see the list of the people who called or texted you and also you can block any number.


  • Provide a call log of people in your address book. 
  • It provides you with information about recent calls, name age, gender, etc.
  • Contact name display with a photo of the caller

8. TruthFinder

It is a free app to provide the service of reverse phone lookup, with the help of this tool you can know about the scammer or telemarketers who call you. You can input the number if it is correct then it will give you the information.

TruthFinder app is available for both iOS and Android is free to download.


  • It can identify the number that is a landline or mobile number
  • It shows the name of the caller on the screen.
  • It also shows the physical address and the phone number of the person.

Final Remarks

It is a difficult task to find out the information about the caller but with using the different searching websites it can be easy now to use and collect the information about the target. These websites give you different services for lookup tools you can choose according to your need.

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