Roronoa Zoro is one of the best sword users and the second strongest member of Strawhat Pirates, actually, he is competing with Luffy so he may defeat him.

He got a perfect personality and I think you like him so much right. He becomes stronger when the 9 Samurai or Akazaia gave him the swords of Oden. That makes us excited to see the fight between him and the king and the other strongest Kaido army members.

So just as like Luffy, Sanji, and all the other members of Strawhat pirates, they all become stronger in order to defeat Kaido especially when he alliances with Big Mom. They absolutely need more and more power so now we will talk about Zoro and the 10 new powers he got in Wano.

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1/5) Conqueror’s Haki

Zoro Wano

Yes Conqueror’s Haki, which finding its users is rare and actually, the only user of This type of Haki is Luffy in Hat pirates as we all know and just the strongest people can use it, not everyone but some of them.

We don’t know yet how this works, I mean why Conqueror’s Haki can be used by chosen people? If someone knows why please tell us in the comments.

Definitely, Zoro will use it as all the right hand of other captains such as Roger and Rayleigh, both use this type of Haki. Another example is Big mom and Katakuri.

2/5 Nidai Kitetsu

Zoro wano One Piece

The main thing that makes Zoro strong as he is now is his swords, as long as they are powerful he also will, and Nidai Kitetsu is one of them.

Nidai Kitetsu is a cursed sword that belongs to the Kitetsu family and was made by Tenguyama Hitetsu, the strongest one “Kitetsu” made before by Nidai Kitetsu.

From the word cursed we will say that this sword is an incredibly powerful right, actually, that’s true, for now, Roronoa Zoro has a “Sandai” sword and it is the weakest one between the 3 swords of “Nidai Kitetsu”.

3/5 Asura

Zoro Wano One Piece

Asura is the power that makes the strength of Zoro triple 3 times so when he uses this technique he gets another head as well as 6 hands which means 4 more hands.

As long as Zoro will face King who is the right hand of the monster Kaido he definitely needs to use this ability or also the Nine-Sword Style which is the same.

4/5 Ryuuou

one piece ryou

We’ve seen Ryuuou for the first time in Wano country, but most of us don’t know what Ryuuou is, it is the ability to make Busoshoku Haki by the user’s body or sword or any other weapon from a long distance.

The Wano’s samurai used to always fight with this ability and as an example, Luffy who spent some time in Wano country learned how to use it from his teacher Hyogoro.

So for Zoro to become stronger he managed to learn this ability especially after taking Enma’s sword and learning how to control his Haki.

5/5 Full Control On Enma

zoro wano

The Wano country arc is going to finish soon and while that happens Roronoa Zoro asked in order to return the Shusui sword to Wano because it is an irreplaceable asset and replaced by two special swords which belong to Oden called Enma.

As long as they belong to Kuzuki Oden they must be strong, and actually, this is true, they have an insane amount of Ryuuou that we talked about before, also for your information not anyone can take this weapon but Zoro was lucky and could take it and used it perfectly after some time.

Zoro’s current swords

The first one I see holding three swords, Zoro can fight using 1, Two, or even three swords, for now, I will show you Zoro’s current swords.

Wado Ichimonji

Wado Ichimonji sword is thr first Zoro used in his life and one of the 21 Great Grade Swords. After the death of Kuina, Zoro has the chance to ask for having the sword becayse Kuina is the main holder, so he asked to have the sword and from then and Zoro uses it.

Zoro when he was a child thought that having multiple swords makes the person stronger so he was talking, so what he did is using as much as possible bamboo swords while fighting.

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