Here are One Piece arcs ranked from the worst to the best one Top 10 One Piece arcs. In the end, you can tell me which one you like and which one you think it must be number 1 so let’s start.

One Piece arcs Ranked

One Piece Arcs

10 / 10 – Impel down arc

This arc is one of the best arcs, the infiltrating of Luffy into the Impel Down prison, where you can find the worst, badest, and strongest criminals because of Blackbeard from the beginning because he tokes his brother Portgas D. Ace and delivered him to the Marines.

So Luffy wanted to save him because they are going to execute him, he failed at the beginning of his defeat against warden Magellan. However, Luffy has the support he wants always.

Former enemy Mr. 2 Bon Clay and the revolutionary Emporio Ivankov helped him so he survives and continues his mission to save his brother Portgas D. Ace.

9 / 9 – Dressrosa Arc

Ooh!! This one is just amazing, the fight between Luffy and law versus Donquixote Doflamingo, and the best event is when Luffy finally made his own fleet called “the Straw Hat Grand Fleet” which is one of the strongest crews in One Piece it contains more than 5,000 people as well as it foreshadowed to shake the very foundations of the world.

So after Luffy trained between the hands of one of the best characters, Silvers Rayleigh he could show us Gear Fourth transformation against Doflamingo which was really great.

And with the Allies of Luffy, he could defeat Donquixote Doflamingo and all of his crew as well as we saw Sabo which is the brother of Luffy adoptively.

8 / 10 – Whole Cake Island Arc

Look if you didn’t watch this one I recommend you watch it because the fight between Luffy and Katakuri is really amazing, even some guys didn’t want Luffy to win this battle between him and Katakuri.

The little man Luffy also caused big problems to Big Mom like when he overthrows the reputation of Big Mom that caused problems also to Luffy, now she is going behind him she is crazy.

Also, we knew a lot about the life of Sanji, his father, brothers, and his life when he was a kid besides he was so close to marrying the Big Mom’s daughter.

7 / 10 -Marineford Arc

I wish I could rank this arc in number 1 because it is really great. The war of Marineford is one of the biggest events in One Piece where Whitebeard the strongest man in the world fight Akainu, Blackbeard, and more there in the Marineford.

But because he was sick and older, he couldn’t win because if he wasn’t sick and old he is going to kill them all with his crew.

The death of Ace and Yonko Whitebeard was the saddest event there, Luffy also was going to die but as I said whenever he goes he finds support because of his personality. The event of Marineford gathered other amazing characters such as Dracule Mihawk, Kaido, and Yonko Shanks, Shanks the man who stopped Kaido and the war of Marineford just him and his crew.

On the other side, Blackbeard took the fruit of Whitebeard and everyone there was surprised because of it.

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6 / 10 -Enies Lobby Arc

The fans or most of One Piece fans say that Enies Lobby Arc is the best because of the several memorable moments one of them is Nico Robin’s tragic backstory as well as Franky who destroyed the blueprints for the Ancient Weapon Pluton.

Also, Luffy’s transformations are the Second Gear and the Third one. The straw hat and his crew showed their love and loyalty to each other, they didn’t leave Nico Robin, instead, they protect and save her by burning down the World Government’s flag.

This wasn’t their only achievement besides saving Robin they declare war on the entire world including pirates, criminals, and everyone. It’s absolutely an amazing arc.

5 / 10 – Fishman Island Arc

A great arc where Luffy and his crew go inside the sea and live awesome events also he met new guys such as Jinbe who later become a member of his crew.

There where Luffy challenged Big Mom even he didn’t know her power but we know Luffy so they finally start their amazing adventure in the New World where is 4 Yonko by going first to Fishman Island.

4 / 10 – Punk Hazard Arc

The Punk Hazard looks scary at the beginning, first the legendary battle between Aokiji and Akainu which continued for 10 days but Akainu the monster was the winner while Aokiji loses as well as he loses his leg and he got burns on his body.

Luffy met law and law seems so strong as well as caesar. Luffy and Law win so Law couldn’t stay alone until he gets rid of Kaido, but Kaido is not easy to beat at all, the strongest in One Piece after the death of Whitebeard.

So Law and Luffy made an alliance and started with Doflamingo, they planned to kill him then move to Kaido in Wano.

3 / 10 – Zou Arc

In this arc after the events of Dressrosa where Donquixote Doflamingo defeated. Also where we saw one of Kaido’s crew just one and look at his power and his bounty which is more than 1,000,000,000 billion more than this, you can see all One Piece bounties here.

Also, other characters will help Luffy to beat Kaido such as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

2 / 10 – Reverie Arc

In this arc, Sanji-Retrieval Team heads off to Wano Country and escaped from Big Mom’s clutches.

The interesting thing is that we saw the Revolutionary Army commanders the army of the father of Luffy Monkey D. Dragon, they were great but not strong enough to do big things like their mission which is to take down the government.

They can’t beat the government because they are not strong enough to beat just Marines, but Imu-sama the King of World, is another thing you’ll be shocked when you know about his power.

1 / 10 – Wano Country Both (Act 1 And Act 2)

Well, this one is the greatest, the strongest man in the world after the death of whitebeard Kaido will be defeated by Luffy, but he can’t beat him alone because he is still weak and Kaido is the strongest.

But those are just theories we don’t know what is going to happen so let us know.

But what already happened is amazing, I am talking about Luffy vs Kaido when Luffy tough that he could beat Kaido so he attacked him but with just one strike from Kaido Luffy falls down.

The other crazy thing is that Big mom is going there actually it’s already there so Big Mom and Luffy, Law, the worst generation, Kaido, and more are all there. We don’t know who also will join but it’s just a crazy arc I love it.

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