After episode 1 if you didn’t read it, read it here. So can Luffy beat Kaido? let us continue the story and see what’s going to happen.

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In the Shogun Castle

Tengo, Robin, and Zoro all shocked but King said I hate waiting so I think I should kill you all but Zoro say just shut up and wait until I know something about my past because if I was in your place I will have fun waiting, however after this, you’ll live the worst moments in your life.

Can Luffy beat Kaido

Zoro turns to Robin and say: It looks that finally I am going to know something about my past, it’s bad to live your life without knowing your origin. When Zoro was talking Tengo was Shocked and looking to Zoro and say the sun number 10 of gods of swords appeared.

In Onigashima

Moving to Onigashima where kin’emon trying to attack Orochi but the 10 Ninja comes out then Orochi laughs and said: Don’t ever think that you are going to fight me directly go guys.

Someone tried to hit Kin’emon but someone appeared and save Kin’emon and says: Don’t care about insects of Orochi you are the leader so you should fight Orochi, just go we will protect you.

Can Luffy beat Kaido

Kin’mon says Thank you Denjiro.

In the northern cemetery

Moving to the northern cemetery Where Luffy panting hard because of his last attack on Kaido. Kaido stand up with a smile on his face and say: I am so happy today you are Luffy right, Luffy answers him: yes

Kaido says: I am sorry when I called you an insect I didn’t expect that there is someone in this world who can able to penetrate my body’s stiffness except Shanks, I am really happy today because I have another scar.

Can Luffy beat Kaido

Beside the palace Of kaido

Beside the palace of Kaido where Sanji trying to enter the palace using stealth ability in order to copy the Poneglyph and make it easy for Robin but when he enter the palace, he heard a voice says: I can see you, where are you going?

Sanji turn to find the Queen.

Queen vs Sanji

In the Shogun Castle

Robin continued reading the Poneglyph:

I don’t know how are you but I wish one of the Roronoa strain, this is Gods of swords with you one of the heroes of the strain of Roronoa, this strain was given birth heroes just one every 100 years Carrying accursed swords and cut devils. The king predicts that dragons will defeat us so I want you to revenge for us and protect Wano and cut any Dragon that puts Wano in danger including the queen of dragons

Wano arc, Poneglyph
Can Luffy beat Kaido
Zoro, Robin

Robin stops reading and says: The letter ends here my swordsman master then Zoro says I didn’t understand anything on this letter.

Tengo says: you are the sun number 10 of sword gods, and they said that Wano was a great kingdom before 800 years but for certain reason Wano separated of this kingdom and become like this. So there were the clan of Rorornoa which was give birth every 100 year a cursed boy which holds the will of the goddess of the sword.

Zoro stops him and says who is that “god of sword” Tengo says: he is the strongest swordsman in the history of Wano, and he is the grandfather of the Roronoa clan.

Can Luffy beat Kaido

Robin says: I understand now, in the sky Island they talked about the calgara legend “Gods of war” and they were proud of this legend and as I think, they were part of the kingdom such as Wano because they said these words:

We lost our kingdom before 800 years

Wano arc One Piece

I think I understand the whole thing .

In Onigashima

Somewhere in Onigashima where the big mom sit with Chopper, Nami, hiyori, Momonosuke, Kawamatsu, and Carrot.

Nami asks about Brook, Carrot says he was here but he disappeared and Big Mom is so happy.

Chopper close to Nami says: Will the memory return to Big mam before the war ends?

one piece pirate crews
one piece pirate crews

In the northern cemetery

In the northern cemetery Law says he found the solution of his hard skin Mugiwara ya.

Appo says but the situation of Luffy is not good, he attacked him once then his situation is hard now.

Kaido vs Luffy

Kid Move and attacked Kaido by gathering a strike of mineral supported with Haki and hit Kaido but he hold off his strike easily.

Killer jumped and tried to cut the neck of Kaido but the weapon of Killer broke down even if he used Haki.

Law says I hate saying this but this man on another level. So all that we have to do is to support the Straw hat.

Kaido vs Luffy

In the castle of Shogun

In the castle of Shogun Robin looks happy because she understand some things and says this is my theory about what I said.

Before 800 years there was a kingdom fight devils and it had 4 heros, and in a certain period this kingdom fall down but the offspring of the four heroes didn’t stop, so every 100 year 1 hero appear and that Calgara is one of them.

Zoro with a smile on his face says, hey old man. Tengo says: yes my young master.


Zoro says Ryuma is it one of the Rorona strain he answers him with yes, he was considered as the sun number 6 of the sword gods and he was one of the greatest swordsman of Wano because he could kill a Dragon.

Zoro smile and says. Finally I think I reached something big about my past so now I will dfeat this guy in front of me then I am going to cut the dragon who scares Wano “Kaido” and I won’t die until I cut the queen of dragons.

To be Continued.

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