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Luffy vs Kaido theory | can Luffy beat Kaido? (Gear 5)

by Youssef
Luffy VS Kaido

This is first let’s call it “episode” of our scenarios about one Luffy and Kaido (The war of Wano) so I wish you like it read this till the end and sure you’ll like it.

Luffy vs Kaido scenario

In the northern cemetery

In the northern cemetery, Luffy, Kid, Trafalgar D. Water Law, Eustass kid, Killer, Scratchmen apoo standing in front of Kaido.

So what’s happening? let me explain let’s go back 8 hours before in the northern cemetery.

Before 8 Hours

Before 8 hours, Luffy, Law, Kozuki Momonosuke, kinemon, and others… and behind them 7,000 people.

Kinemon talks: we gathered more than what we need of soldiers and that’s because of Kozuki Hiyori.

Besides 4,000 people we gather with the help of Hyogoro of the Flower, and when the secret of Hiyori that she is the night boy who steals from riches and gives to poor people lots of tribes wanted an alliance with us. Hiyori looks shy because of what Kinemon and she said: This is my duty towards Wanoo residents.

Law interrupts speech and said: mugiwara ya where is Zoro, komurasaki says: Zoro is not coming he said to me he doesn’t want to meet someone until the war is over because he would kill hem if they meet and we will lose the war before it starts.

Kinemon looks angry and says: Zoro is not our problem now, the problem is that Kaido knows about our plan so he will be ready for anything and we have no solution at the moment we will use the power and attack him in Onigashima after 8 hours in the fire festival.

A voice behind a certain house, comes out and says: the percentage of you to win using this plan is 5% or less then Hawkins, X-Drake, Scratchmen appo come out.

Law, Luffy, and Kinemon gets ready to fight but Hawkins asked them to stay calm and says: we come to ask you if we can join you, can we make an alliance.

In Onigashima

In Onigashima, Kaido drinking Saki in a bad mood and says: That tramp didn’t appear since he escaped from the prison, I didn’t know that Queen is going to lose.

It appears clearly that they will attack today or tomorrow as koushiro said but it’s okay they will come back to me alone then I’ll kill them all.

In Kuri

In Kuri, Zoro is going to Flower Capital and wondering am I close? still 7 hours I wish I am close to Onigashima.

In the northern cemetery:

Back to the northern cemetery, Kinemon accept the alliance also Hawkins said that he has a plan, the percentage of the success of this plan is 50%

Law asks Hawkins to tell his plan then Hawkins says the plan is really easy, we will kidnap shogun Orochi before he goes to Onigashima.

Hawkins continued his speech and say that the plan will be easy with X-Drake if he did what he should do which is going to Kaido and say that Shogun is kidnapped Law and Straw Hat and that he is there with them in the northern cemetery.

Kaido of course will try to save Orochi by transforming his body to a Dragon and come here. That’s how we will separate Kaido from his crew.

X-Drake also will trick Jack and tell him to go to Ringo and look for Orochi there, when he gets there he will find himself surrounded by Minks.

The left power of us will attack Queen and King in Onigashima so we can get Rio Poneglyph. We also have a surprise for you, Kid and Killer with us and they will join the team that will fight Kaido in the northern cemetery.

Kinemon was surprised by this plan so he accepts the plan, that’s how the War of Wano start and Kaido meet Law, Luffy, Kid, Killer, and Appo.

Kaido shout saying: where is Orochi. Luffy answers him there is no one here named Orochi this is the place where I am going to kick your ass, I won’t forget the hunger and the suffering you caused o Tama (The little girl which Luffy met in the beginning) today you will die.

Luffy says: Tra (Law) let’s Go, Gear …

Ringo bridge

Back to Ringo bridge where Jack and his followers shocked from the look there, Army of minks wearing hats and in the front Inuarashi and Nekomamushi

Inurashi with a smile on his face talks: Jack, it’s been a long time just smile why you are scared? Nekomamushi says: he is scared because he doesn’t have Toxic gas this time or probably because the moon is complete today.

At the same time in Onigashima Kinemon shout on Shinobu and says: how the Shogun did it!! In another place, the Shogen Orochi appears in another place smiling and Koushiro beside him and he said Orochi maybe we should pay that traitor twice as much we offered.

Flower Capital

Back to Flower Capital where Robin and Tengo going to Shogun castle with Raizo.

Robin says it looks we are lucky because we have the owner of the dolls placed beside Poneglyph.

Tengo smile and says: my mission for many years is to protect that Poneglyph because it is holding lots of secrets about someone I waited for a long time.

Raizo talks and says: it looks that the castle is empty everyone in the war now it’s our chance let’s do it quickly and go back to help them in the war.

They arrived in the basement then Tengo starts revealing the dolls suddenly Robin heard a voice behind her says: I expected them to be here.

It was King, King takes his sword and tried to attack Robin but someone stops him and said: Hoy! it’s a woman man. It’s Zoro.

In the northern cemetery

Moving to the northern cemetery, where Luffy says Gear (X) King Man.

Luffy uses Gear 2 and Gear 4 both at the same time so his body starts being red and he becomes big like Kaido. Law is going back and says: there’s too much smoke but the heat is more than fire.

Kaido is laughing and says: what are you gonna do tramp you with that size? we will see what you are going to do when you get a hit as I gave you before, I wish you don’t fall down (Laughing).

Then Kaido tried to hit Luffy but he disappeared, Kaido didn’t get it until Luffy appeared in the sky and hit Kaido in the back and he falls down.

Kid looks surprised and says: what’s happening he is big but he is amazingly moving fast.

Appo says look at the place where Luffy hit Kaido it looks that it is burning.

In Onigashima

Back to Onigashima where Kinemon stands up in front of the Shogun in the middle of the in the war yard.

Enthusiastically Kinemon says he escaped from us but it’s okay, this is our turn to revenge “Oden Sama”.

Orochi “Laughing” and say I though you are ghosts I was wrong, now I will kill you then he turns into a dragon with 8 heads.

Ashura douji asked Kinemon to let Koushiro for him and Kinemon with a smile says okay.

Kinemon remembered how he convinced Ashura Douji to join him. Ashura was respecting Oden Sama also he was respecting Hyogoro Flower.

Because now he is trying to gather his Gang in order to become like Hyogoro Flower, So when Hyogoro Flower himself came and asked Ashura to be the boss of Yakuza he accepted quickly.

So Kushiro vs Ashura and Kinemon says to Orochi it’s amazing that you have 8 heads each one of us will take one head and we will leave one head for Raizo until he comes back.

Back to the castle

Zoro says, Finally I can cut the fire as I wished Robin take what you want and go out from here.

Robin starts reading Poneglyph in a moment Robin stops shocked, Raizo wondering; What’s the matter, Robin.

Robin says in a loud voice: What Roronoa name is doing here, Zoro your name, your family name in Poneglyph.

Tengo looks at Zoro and says my young master.

Roronoa Zoro

I wish you like it. If you want to read the next “Episode” (Scenario) here is it if you want to read all scenarios go to the home page click on Scenarios in the bar there you will find it.

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