The Theory of today is about Luffy’s mom, who’s Luffy’s mom? first, before we start this is a strong theory with proof and everything so let’s get started.

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Who’s Luffy’s mother?

Luffy’s mom is the former empress of the island of Women (Amazon Lily) and the name of Luffy’s mother is Lily.

Luffy’s mom

But How?

Luffy from the beginning of One Piece appeared without his parents even though they are alive, the only thing we knew is that Monkey D Dragon is the father of Luffy “Garb said” Also watch the video below, what about his mother why she didn’t raise him when he was a child?

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Who raised Luffy?

Curly Dadan raised Luffy and he grows up with his two brothers Sabo and Ace Ace’s mother is Portgace D. Rouge but she died Sabo had his parents but he didn’t love what they were doing so he left and met Ace and Luffy that’s why his mother didn’t raise him but what about Luffy?

Is Luffy’s mother Imu Sama?

No. Imu Sama is not the mother of Luffy, Imu exists centuries ago from the era of Joy Boy and he is the ruler of the World Government as well as the only person whom Five Elders (Gorosei) bow down.

Who's Luffy's mom
Who’s Luffy’s mom

What happened to Luffy’s mom? and where is she?

Someone asked Oda what Luffy’s mother looks like, is it pretty? What happened to her? Then he answered that she is a beautiful and strict woman and not aged, so don’t you think that she looks like Boa Hancock? she is strict and serious with men as well as the girls in Amazon Lily as we all saw when Luffy arrived there and she is beautiful as well.

Ok here is it, when Boa Hancock was young who was the empress of Amazon Lily at that time? even grandma Neyon was not young but she wasn’t the empress at that time actually I was asking that question always but now I realized that the empress was the mother of Luffy but wait you will know why and how?

Boa Hancock
Boa Hancock

The first reason why Luffy’s mother didn’t raise Luffy is that men were banned on the island and no one can be there also because she is the empress she must follow the rules more than others.

Did you ever wonder why Kuma send Luffy to the Island of women? Does Kuma send people to the places he visited before even if men are banned on the Island? Ok, put that question aside.

Why the mother of Luffy didn’t appear when she is the empress of the island if she is alive as they say?

Let’s get back to the past of Boa Hankock when she was 12 years old, in that time Hankock and her 2 sisters were on the Kuja pirates ship which was led by the impress of Amazon lily island which is of course the mother of Luffy and again Oda did it, he didn’t show us her face you can see it in the video.

When they take Boa Hancock with her 2 sisters and were slaved by Celestial Dragons the island empress (Luffy’s mom) hated the Celestial Dragons and as a result, she wanted to revenge on her people but at the same time, she knew that she cannot do anything so she decided to join the revolutionary army in order to reach her goal.

“Oda said before that, when Dragon and his mother gave birth to their child “Luffy”, Dragon was 36 years old and he already created the revolutionary army that’s why the mother of Luffy is not who created the revolutionary army with Dragon as some people think”

Luffy's mom

“How did she know that there is something called the Revolutionary army? Nyon (the old woman) was always reading the news actually they were know everything happening in the world because of the newspaper so that’s how she knew that as another proof the old woman appeared holding a newspaper and said that Luffy hit a Celestial Dragon”

Celestial Dragon
Celestial Dragon

So because she hates Celestial Dragons she decided to join Dragon and if you notice most of the revolutionary army members had a bad past with Celestial Dragons.

So that’s why I asked the question of why Kuma sent Luffy to that island exactly. it’s because he was there one time in order to take the empress of the island when she decided to join them for revenge.

Luffy's mom

When she wanted to go with Kuma, the thing happened without her people knowing that because if they figured it out they will join her but she didn’t want to put more people in danger and as a result, other women take this as a betrayal, they considered her as a leader who runs away from his responsibility because she is afraid of fighting Celestial Dragons that’s why boa Hancock said that it’s rare to find someone challenges Celestial Dragons such as Luffy (referring to her the previous empress).

So now that’s what all amazon lily women think but the reality is something else. She just didn’t want to lose her people more than this so when the empress joined the revolutionary army she met Dragon and liked him so then the magic happened and then Luffy’s birth, I think that the same thing will happen between Luffy and Boa Hancock they will get married.

Have we seen Luffy’s mother before?

In chapter 586, someone said to Dragon … as you saw in the picture so in your opinion who’s gonna say that? you’ll be shocked because Oda didn’t insert this part, he removed it.

What’s more shocking is that after this chapter on the cover of chapter 587 Dragon appeared beside Ivankov watering flowers and we know that Amazon Lily women’s names are related to flowers you can search for that, anyways, Dragon was watering a flower and it name is Lily (Amazon lily!!) that means 2 things:

  • The first one is that Dragon has a relationship with Amazon Lily island.
  • The second thing is that the name of Luffy’s mother will be Lily that’s why the Island is called Amazon Lily.

Also Oda said in the Vol 44 that Luffy’s mom and dad appeared.

Luffy parents


Read also about Kaido’s son if you like this. So what I want to say is that Luffy’s mother is from Amazon Lily and her name is Lily, and the reason for joining the revolutionary army is because of Hanckok and her sisters so she wanted revenge for the celestial dragons.

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