Will Naruto get back Kurama his best friend after he was dead in Boruto? is there some hope that he comes back to life and Naruto gets back his amazing Strength?

This is an exciting subject that the author can use to completely change and make the anime more famous.

Actually, there is a huge opportunity that Kurama to get back to life because the author will not let Naruto be weak and denigrate him like that after all the success he had. He might find another solution like giving him the power of other Bijuu but I don’t think that this is enough and as long as we’ve seen his amazing transform once we must watch it back again in other fights.

Will Naruto Get Back Kurama.

Will Naruto Get Back Kurama
Will Naruto Get Back Kurama

Yes, The Kyubi may be back according to the anime Of Naruto itself when it explained that All the Bijuu Monsters can be back to life and it’s normal and that it just takes some time or a long time to be revived depending on the Bijuu.

How? They said that all the monsters are just a ton of Power or power monsters, not humans or something like that, so they get back also their power and appearance.

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In the beginning, Kurama was testing Naruto and said that if he used his new transformation “Baryon Mode” he will die but of course Naruto replied I’m Ready to do that, the time that Kurama who’s gonna be dead so that’s exactly what happened.

Kurama did a great sacrifice to save the world and this was a big end for a big secret of Naruto Anime.

Let me tell you what happened to Rin Nohara when it’s Kyubi when it’s best Isobu Dead her died but the beast revived later to be used by Madara.

Will Naruto Get Back Kurama

When Konoha was in a fight with another village, the Village used Rin Nohara to have a 3 tail beast inside her and made it lose control when Rin goes back to Konoha immediately.

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So what happened is Kakashi wanted to save her but he ended up killing her and as a result, the 3 tails beast also died, so Madara waited for the beast until he comes back to life, and then Deidara and Tobi found him as you can see in the video.


So there’s a big chance that Kyubi can back to life, now it all depends on the author if he wanted to revive him and give Naruto his power again, or maybe he will continue in that and let Naruto like that as long as Boruto and Kawaki both are going to be stronger than Naruto and Sasuke together.

But maybe the author of Boruto planned to kill Naruto or Sasuke as long as they lost their power but I don’t think so, anyways they are in Big danger now, if Naruto didn’t get back his power again he will also lose his place as a Hokage.

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