Shinobu is not the main character in the anime, although she is one of the most interesting and loved characters because of her unique personality which led her to be a famous number #1 famous girl in Demon Slayer.

So as a normal person, you will be asking, what will happen to her? Will Shinobu Die in Demon Slayer?

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Will Shinobu Die in Demon Slayer?


Actually Yes, Shinobu Died but it didn’t appear yet in the anime, in the manga, she died in Chapter 143 during the Infinity Castle arc by Doma the second Upper Rank.

So How did Shinobu die in the manga? what happened and when we will see this in the anime? you can keep reading if you want to know all about it.

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How Does Shinobu Die in the Manga?

Will Shinobu Die in Demon Slayer

Do you see this guy that girls like? Yes, Doma, he killed many beautiful girls and ate them, then he did the same with Shinobu. But this time it was a sacrifice more than a normal death because she helped with her poisoned body in killing Doma when she poisoned him until he become very weak until he was killed by Kanao and Inosuke.

Her Death in detail:

The youngest child of the Kochō family Shinobu just like Tanjiro, family all were killed by demons, but when a demon attacked her sister Himejima Gyomei’s pillar appeared and he killed those demons in a second.

Later because of suffering from the death of their family, both Kanae and Shinobu decided to become demon slayers to protect each other along with other people. Kanae was also killed by Doma but before that happened she managed to talk to her sister.

Doma did a lot of bad things killing and eating girls, and before Kanae was killed by him she asked Shinobu to quit being a Demon slayer but she didn’t want to accept that and she told her many things about him and as a result, Shinobu become a hater of Doma and this was the main reason for the battle in the Infinity Castle arc.

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How Old Is Shinobu When She Dies?

Shinobu At the age of 14 became the master of the Butterfly replacing Kanae the former Hashira who died at the age of 17.

Although age is something not that important in Demon slayer as we all know Shinobu was just 18 years old when she died.

Will Shinobu Come Back?

Actually, Demon Slayer ended with chapter 205 and this ending, as they say, is perfect and proved that Demon slayer is more than great, just from now, you can see that it is insane.

The surprise is that some characters come back and I won’t tell you all now but I’ll tell you that Shinobu and her sister are coming back. I will let you discover that in the anime so I don’t take the enjoyment from you.

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