Here is the list of all Demon Slayer Hashira Names, after Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) become at the top of the best anime in the world (watch episodes 8 – 9 -10 if you don’t believe me) we want this anime never end and keep watching it forever.

What are the Demon Slayer Hashira Names? and who is the strongest in the 9 Hashira? are all the Former Hashira Names in Demon Slayer:

Demon slayer Former Hashira Names and pictures

Former Demon Slayer Pillars Names

Here below is the ranking of all Demon Slayer pillars according to Animed Drawn.

#13 Jigoro Kuwajima, The Former Hashira of Thunder

demon slayer Hashira Names
Jigoro Kuwajima

Just when you look at him, you will say that he is the weakest person in there, but let me tell you something in anime, all those old men surprise us just like Netero in Hunter X Hunter as well as in Jujutsu Kaisen and more other anime.

Jigoro Kuwajima is also the teacher of Zenitsu Agatsuma, and unfortunately we no fight scene for him in the anime to see how powerful he was but that’s ok.

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#12 Sakonji Urokodaki, The Former Hashira of Water

demon slayer hashira names
Sakonji Urokodaki

Sakonji Urokodaki at least showed us some techniques and it looks like he still git some power in his hands, he trained one of the amazing Hashira of water (Giyu Tomioka) and more like Tanjiro which now are Hashira and a strong boy who is able to face Lower Ranks such as Enmu and Upper Ranks such as Daki and Gyutaro.

Sakonji Urokodaki is considered a master in water breathing techniques at the moment and we can Rank him before Kuwajima.

#11 Shinjuro Rengoku, The Former Hashira of Flame

demon slayer hashira

When I first saw him, I hated him so much, did you feel the same thing? The family of Rengoku held the mantle of being the Flame Hashira for years. This family and all of its members love what they are doing so much.

Shinjuro Rengoku is the father of Kyojuro Rengoku and Senjuro Rengoku and the husband of Ruka Rengoku, and as long as he was the former Flame Hashira he must be at least as good as Kyojuro or better because now we don’t know much about him or his power but sure he passed from bad and hard things as also shown in the anime.

#10 Kanae Kocho, The Former Hashira of Insect

Kanae Kocho

They say about Kanae Kocho that she was very strong but we don’t know anything about her at all till the moment just like Shinjuro.
Most of the time she looks like a simple and cute girl with a smile on her face.

Kanae Kocho was killed by Doma which is the number two Upper Rank in Demon corps, which means the second strongest demon.

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Fighting style:

  • Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye
  • Sixth Form: Whirling Peach
  • Fifth Form: Peonies of Futility
  • Fourth Form: Crimson Hanagoromo
  • Second Form: Honorable Shadow Plum

Demon Slayer Hashira Names

Here are the existing Hashira Pillars Names in Demon Slayer

#9 Shinobu Kocho, The Insect Hashira

Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho looks cute and nice when you first look at her, to be honest, is not that strong, we can consider her the weakest Insect Hashira when it comes to strength and fights. That being said, Shinobu Kocho is smart and her brain is her strong point.

#8 Tengen Uzui, The Sound Hashira

Demon Slayer Hashira names
Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui is an awesome, funny, and powerful man, if we compare him with Rengoku I don’t know who will be stronger than the other! what do you think?

Most of the people say that he is weak! for me I don’t think so, I like him and I think that at least he is good.

#7 Giyu Tomioka, The Water Hashira

Demon slayer hashira names
Giyu Tomioka

Between all of the other or the 9 Hashira, Giyu Tomioka has had time more than anyone, and still, he will stay with Tanjiro till the end of the anime. People like his personality, those calm and strong people that can do their work fast as he did with Rui when he finished his life in a short period of time.

Giyu is a talented man who actually spends most of his time with Tanjiro.

#6 Kyojuro Rengoku, The Flame Hashira


Rengoku is one of the 9 Hashira characters that almost all the fans love, and it was a big shame when he lost in front of Akaza where he made many fans cry.

Even the power he showed us, but still, his death made him small in the eyes of fans because we were waiting for a lot from him.

#5 Obanai Iguro, The Serpent Hashira

Demon slayer hashira names
Obanai Iguro

In the Anime, we haven’t seen The Serpent Hashira much but only the Manga readers who know a lot about him, so if you watch only anime I can’t tell you until you decide to read the Manga.

But he is strong enough to face one of the Upper Ranks alone without any help from someone else. He appeared in the last episode and the end of Demon Slayer’s second season which means we will watch him soon.

#4 Mitsuri Kanroji, The Love Hashira

demon slayer
Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji is a cute, beautiful, and powerful girl, but when you first look at her you will think that she is just a weak girl? but again we don’t know her actual power. We are waiting to see her in the next episodes.

#3 Muichiro Tokito, The Mist Hashira

Another demon slayer pillar that we didn’t see his power and skills yet in the anime, against manga readers who always know more than those who watch the anime only, but I’ll tell you that you’ll like him as soon as the anime gives him some time to appear.

Just imagine his mist abilities and how they will be? For now, we will wait until he appears in the anime.

#2 Sanemi Shinazugawa, The Wind Hashira

The first time I saw him I thought that he will be a very strong and mad person but when I saw that only 1 hit from Tanjiro made his head bleed I thought again that he is weak! but I was wrong, he is the second strongest demon slayer pillar in demon slayer.

Anyways his appearance shows his personality and power, and he went through many things and experiences.

#1 Gyomei Himejima, The Stone Hashira

As a normal fan of Demon slayer, when I see a pillar demon slayer crying I will say two things: The first one is his personality is weak, and the second is he will not be the strongest. As well as carrying the unimpressive title that is not something big, but you’ll be surprised that he is the strongest among the Hashira Pillars.

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