After Marshall D. Teach become a Shickibukai, he started moving fast on his way to becoming the king of pirates. Blackbeard’s devil fruit (Darkness fruit) is one of the strongest in One Piece but it’s not enough so he takes the second one, but how does Blackbeard have 2 devil fruits?

Yami Yami No Mi Devil Fruit

A logia-type Devil fruit named Yami Yami no Mi allows its user to control darkness and create it as well making him a Darkness Human such as Blackbeard who’s known also as Marshall D. Teach. He is the owner of this power as he ate it after stealing it from Whitebeard pirates, exactly from Thatch.

How many Devil Fruits can Blackbeard have?

Blackbeard is actually smart, smarter than many One Piece characters. One of the indicators is that he studied devil fruits and knew things that no one else knows so it’s not surprising if you see him with two or 3 devil fruits or even something else.

For now, Blackbeard has 2 devil fruits, the first is his own (Yami Yami No Mi) and the second is (Gura Gura no Mi) which is Whitebeard Devil Fruit.

Blackbeard devil fruit powers:

Darkness is not something easy, you may think that it’s weak but it’s not true. Blackbeard owns the two strongest devil fruits in the world.

Blackbeard uses Yami Yami no Mi by spreading darkness over the ground making a big circle on his enemies and entrapping them with an extreme crushing force absorbing them into the darkness.

The second thing is the Devil Fruit nullification aspect that combines with the gravity’s attraction force in a way he attracts his targets from a long space to his hands with his immense strength and punching it. However, this has negatives which are dealing with the pain that the user gets because of this fruit but Blackbeard looks like the perfect choice for it.

This is my own theory but it seems “Logic” each one of us has his own so continue reading and tell me if you agree or not.

Blackbeard Theory

Is it real? Does Blackbeard have 2 devil fruits?

Everyone was shocked when they saw Blackbeard ate 2 devil fruits, but is it real? Even Gorosei said that no one ate two devil fruits, anyone who does that is going to die, Gorosei who has the scientist who knows everything about One Piece never heard about someone who ate two devil fruits and is still alive!

Gorosei also knows everything about devil fruits, so if there is someone who can eat two devil fruits they will be the first to catch him.

The body of humans can’t bear two devils in their bodies.

How does Blackbeard have 2 devil fruits?

Back to Banaro Island when Teach was fighting Ace, he said that his fruit is the strongest Logia fruit in the world as well as it Sucks blows that’s why he is affected when someone hits him.

Now let’s move to the event of Marineford when Teach and his crew cover Whitebeard and Teach enters and cover himself too, so when they uncover Whitebeard Teach come out and he got two devil fruits.

Before the Impel Down, he was not holding any gun, however, after the Impel down he got 3 guns why three guns?

Also his flag? why he has three skulls?

Now let’s go back to Arc Jaya, exactly when Blackbeard meets Luffy, Zoro, and Nami. When Nami asked Zoro and Luffy who is Teach they answered: it’s them. But why do they say that?

The secret of Blackbeard that he ate 2 devil fruits is just a Trick.

Yes, it’s just a trick, Marchall D. Teach owns 2 brothers, this allows him to have 2 devil fruits, but you are going to tell me how is using the second devil fruit while his brother is the one who ate it?

Because his fruit (Darkness fruit) allows him to absorb anything, they were looking for Darkness fruit and they agreed if someone finds it other brothers will join him.

So when Teach found this Devil fruit, his brothers joined him, and using the devil fruit he entered his brothers into his body then they become one man, so you may be wondering if Teach will eat 3 devil fruits?

What do you think? one of his brothers is still without devil fruit so…

Teach has 3 skulls in his logo, which means Teach and his 3 brothers also those two brothers in One Piece:

Other Proofs:

Why did Blackbeard use 3 guns?

Teach uses 3 guns because of his brothers, 1 gun for each one look at the picture.

If teach alone to use 3 guns how he is gonna hold those guns? besides why teach cover Whitebeard when he was taking his fruit, he did that because he didn’t want anyone to see his brother.

How Blackbeard steal Whitebeard’s devil fruit?

Everyone in One Piece know-how, we saw that no one asked how he steals the devil fruit further when Jinbe said Teach is killing and stealing fruits no one asked how he steals fruits.

When the person dies the devil moves to the one who’s close to this fruit, so if Teach took out this fruit, the devil will enter the fruit and everything will be as planned.

Some say that Teach steals devil fruits using his ring but this is wrong because Burgess was going to steal Luffy’s devil fruit but there was not any ring on his hands.

Also, some say that the knife of Blackbeard is the secret, if that is right the knife should be rare and must be in possession of one man.

So Balcackbeard’s secret is he takes a normal fruit and kills someone then the devil move to that fruit after the death of that person. Because the devil moves to closer fruits.

The secret of Blackbeard

What about the Third Brother of Blackbeard?

So Teach has Darkness fruit, his brother has Whitebeard’s fruit while the third brother I think is going to take Kaido’s devil fruit.

So that’s how Teach will become the strongest, having the three strongest devil fruits in One Piece “Logia, Paramecia, Zoan” he will become the strongest pirate (If we don’t say King pirates).

Kaido said he wants a big war to die in, That is what is going to happen actually, Yonko Big Mom vs Kaido also Luffy there, Law, X-Drake, their crews, Luffy’s allies and more.

Big war

So sure Kaido will die but it’s not easy to kill Kaido, just Whitebeard caused big damage for Marines even he is sick and did all of this! what about Kaido.

Here’s what is going to happen, when the war is close to ending. Luffy will be weak because he was fighting Kaido, Kaido is going to be dead but Teach will come and kill him and he will take the devil’s fruit.

Watch this video to see what Blackbeard said about Wano and his plans.

Start from the Minute 2:11.

So sure he is planning to be the King of Pirates and by taking Kaido’s devil fruit he is going to be so close!


This is the era of Teach, he will become the strongest one in One Piece, of course, Luffy will defeat him but we don’t know what I going to happen. Anyway, if you like this tell me your opinion and your own theory because each one of us has his. You might agree with my theory and you may not.

Blackbeard now is a Yonko and has a great crew, it’s strong and hard to control so Teach must be really strong to control his criminal crew.

Using this amazing crew he could kill Whitebeard and steal his devil fruit which is also one of the strongest fruits, but here is my surprise to you.

Teach will eat the third devil fruit, yes it’s true you will know how and why, but once you understand how does he eat 2 devil fruits you’ll understand that he will eat three. Let’s start.

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