Pirate crews (One Piece)

One Piece pirate crews are 40 so in this post, you will see 20 One Piece pirate crews ranked from the weakest to the strongest, also make sure you check the top ten you will find there straw hat’s crew as well as rocks pirates, big Mom pirates, whitebeard pirates. So before you find out which crew is in number one can you guess it?

20/20 Hawkins Pirates

The Hawkins Pirates actually are not that great so they are in the number 20 of our listing for One Piece pirate crews, they are infamous as we all know and newbie pirate crew introduced in “Sabaody Archipelago”, we don’t know all of the other characters actually.

Their leader Basil Hawkins is the strongest one in that crew, I was actually surprised by his power He has weird devil fruits which called the Wara Wara No Mi that allows him to create and control straw. that might not seem strong but we’ve seen him against Zoro and Luffy.

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19/20 X-Drake Pirates

X-Drake is the only one we know about at the moment, so other members of his crew didn’t appear yet, however, he has the ability to turn himself into a T-Rex so he becomes stronger. X-Drake considered one of the strongest of course what do you think about him?

Crew Strength is presumably high because their captain is one of the “Eleven Supernovas” as well as former Rear Admiral, although being a “rookie” crew but they were enough skilled to escape during Kizaru’s capture on his raid on the island.

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18/20 Fire Tank Pirates

Their leader Bege is one of our favorite characters because he helped Straw hat’s crew to run from Yonko big mom, he has the devil fruit which called Shiro Shiro No Mi that turns him to a walking-talking fortress, as well as a good amount of intelligence. 

His crew members are not known all of them so we know just five which are: Capon Bege, Vito, Gotti, Chiffon, Capone Pez (his son).

The thing that makes Fire Tank Pirates strong is that all crew members are actually experts in marksmanship as well as they are too much skilled in volley fire on enemies as we’ve seen against Big Mom.

17/20 Thriller Bark Pirates

Gecko Moria and his crew which called Thriller Bark Pirates are absurdly powerful and weird for me what about you? so with 3 different Devil Fruit, each and every one of them can defeat strong opponents if the right circumstances exist, actually, their leader Gecko is a Shichibukai so I can say that others are almost in the same level, and I was always wondering if Shichibukai can defeat a Ynko but I don’t think so, What do you think?

The crew is zombies, an undead army of seemingly-invincible zombies, but the strongest characters are 3 which use the devil fruits.

16/20 On-Air Pirates

Again we don’t know all of the characters of The On-Air Pirates so the only one we know about is Scratchman Apoo who looks deceive to everyone around him, The guy has a strong weapon which is his long arms and body that can turn that body parts into instruments. 

There is actually a lot we haven’t seen from Scratchman Apoo so we’re hoping that change soon in the Arc of Wano.

The On-Air Pirates are infamous but strong and the high bounty of their captain proof that they are really powerful, as well as they, had formed an alliance with the Kid and Hawkins Pirates, and as another proof of their strength, they were able to escape from Kizaru’s raid though their captain attacked by Kizaru and being beaten.

15/20 Spade Pirates

The Spade Pirates has formed five years ago then later they joined whitebeard’s crew, So their leader Ace was stronger so he could face Jinbe and keep fighting with him for 5 days no stop, besides being offered a position as a Shichibukai himself. 

The crew also shows his power when they tried to attack Whitebeard in order to save their leader or captain even knowing that they were outmatched.

Ace was known as a shooting master from what we were told, it’s actually sad that whitebeard defeat his crew, but it appears clear that they are really strong when they got to this level.

14/20 Kuja Nation

Boa hankok, The captain of The Kuja Nation, her Defend depends on her natural beauty so that makes her stronger and that works with boys or girls. 

The Kuja pirates live in an island full of girls there’s no boy so Luffy been there and he was the only boy. Hankok is strong and she loves Luffy.

They said that the women who leave Amazon Lily sometimes return pregnant hahaha. Also, they always give birth to females.

13/20 Sun Pirates

The Sun Pirates are a legendary pirate crew, most of whom originated by Fish-Men in the current story. Since they are all from Fish-Men, their amazing power makes them a phenomenal crew. 

At the height of their power, their first leader Fischer Tiger was a hero and a powerful figure in his days, and is known for his amazing exploits, including breaking into the families of the global government, Mary Joyaz, and freeing the slaves of the nobles of the world.

Among their members were powerful personalities such as Arlong and Jinbe, who went on to become powerful pirates of their rights, until the latter became even one of Shichibukai. It seems that they were able to overcome it with little effort and sent all the marines after them.

12/20 Heart Pirates

I love their captain they are a strong crew for them to make them reach the Sabaudi Archipelago and have a captain who is a member of the worst generation. 

With the addition of the new member, the famous pirate captain Jean-Bart, the crew may be getting stronger. All crew members were able to withstand the Hackie explosion from Silver’s Rayleigh, although Schacci stated that he had almost died, which could indicate that he was a little less powerful.

Like the rest of Supernovas, they managed to escape from the Kizaru raid. They also managed to reach Marineford, where the war was going on after the departure of the Sabaudi Archipelago. They also helped minks fight against an invasion by a pirate monster led by Jack.

11/20 Straw Hat Grand Fleet

The Big Straw Hat fleet consists of great names such as Habu Navi, the Tontata tribe, Edo boxing champion, Bartolomeo with Bari Pari no Mi, Cavendish, and the New Giant Warrior Pirates. We think this alone speaks of their strength.

They were formed from various powerful crews that managed to succeed in the New World, and the cast and some other members were key competitors at Coreda Colosseum. In large numbers, they have a total of 5,640 people of various tribes and ethnicities.

 All seven leaders are very powerful and formidable fighters, five of them are strong enough to defeat executives at Donquixote Pirates.

Top 10 One Piece Pirate Crews

10/20 Donquixote Pirates

Donquixote Pirates was a very powerful crew, as their captain was a world-famous pirate, a member of Shichibukai with a previous reward of 340,000,000 Beli and the ruler of the Dressrosa kingdom. 

Doflamingo himself, along with crew members (past and present) Bellamy, Trafalgar Law, Monet, Baby 5, Caesar Clown, Buffalo, Giolla, Trebol, Senor Pink, Machvise, Violet, Diamante, Pica, Gladius, Sugar, and Corazon ( In secret) they were all known as Devil Fruit users. In total, Devil Fruit has a minimum of seventeen users.

9/20 Blackbeard Fleet

Since their captain is a member of Yonko, Blackbeard Pirates are one of the four most powerful pirate crews in the world.

Blackbeard Pirates, who was ruled out by Sanjuan Wolf, directed the final killing blows to the legendary pirate Whitebeard, taking advantage of the serious Whitebeard’s injuries with a nine-on-one attack. Additionally, they took over Bonnie’s jewelry, one of the worst generations, which was then considered too weak to join her crew and was instead given the option of becoming a Blackbeard “woman”. 

The crew also managed to defeat Marco by an overwhelming majority and the remaining members of the Whitebeard Pirates (who came with their full forces) in a fierce battle a year after the Battle of Marineford. Recently, Blackbeard and his crew attacked the base of the Revolutionary Army’s Baltic Island, resulting in their complete destruction and leaving the rebels to the island, followed by a battle with Cipher Pol and the Marines before retreating.

8/20 Beast pirates

The Beasts Pirates lead Yonko Kaido, making them one of the four most powerful pirate crews in the world. 

Donquixote Doflamingo, a former Shichibukai and former leader of the incredibly powerful pirate crew that usually maintains a fearless stance, was very afraid of Kaido. Kaido also defeated another Shichibukai, Gecko Moria, and massacred his crew. 

They have tried to attack Whitebeard pirates in the hope of killing Whitebeard, something that only red-haired pirates dare.

7/20 Golden Lion Pirates

Little is known about the power of the Golden Lion Pirates, but they managed to terrorize the entire sea with the largest fleet of pirates in the Grand Line twenty-five years ago and they managed to gain the upper hand against Roger Pirates. 

Almost half of the fleet was lost during the Battle of Edd War.

The captain, Shiki, was one of the most well-known pirates in history. Being a former member of the legendary Rocks Pirates, he’s the first known person to escape the Impel Down, and meet powerful characters like Roger, Whitebeard, Marine Vice-Admiral Garp, and Admiral Sengoku.

6/20 Straw Hat Pirates

Despite having a few members, Straw Hats is a very strong crew with amazing potential, as Kozan mentioned when he first met her and eventually increased to the point where he was able to challenge Shichibukai and Yonko crews like Donquixote Pirates and Big Mom Pirates.

Their leader has consistently defeated people known for their amazing powers like Crocodile, Gecko Moria, Donquixote Doflamingo from Shichibukai, the enormously dreadful tyrant Enel of Skypiea, the infamous Rob Lucci of CP9, and two of the Big Mom Pirates’ mighty sweet leaders Charlotte Cracker and Charlotte Katriott. The crew itself did things that most people thought were impossible and crazy just like defeating an entire organization (like Baroque Works).

Top 5 One Piece Pirate Crews

5/20 Big Mom Pirates

Caught by Yunko, Big Mom Pirates is one of the four most powerful pirate crews in the world.

Because Big Mom can put lives in animals and inanimate objects, she has countless legions of warriors known as “Homies” that can overwhelm powerful opponents, especially inside Totto Land. 

Sun Pirates, a mighty crew of fish-men, were afraid of being in favor of Big Mom and fled when their captain formally severed ties with her.

4/20 Whitebeard Pirates

Whitebeard was one of Yonko in the second half of the Grand Line, along with Shanks, Kaido, and Big Mom, making Whitebeard Pirates one of the four most powerful pirate crews in Grand Line.

 There were 16 Whitbybird squad leaders himself in his crew, each squad leader commanding 100 men. There were a total of 1,617 men on the Whitebeard crew, forming a huge fleet of pirates.

Since their captain managed to fight with Gol D. Roger one by one, the Whitebeard Pirates were considered among the strongest known pirates in the One Piece universe. 

Even the usual excess spore refused to attack Ace while he was asleep, fearing Whitebeard’s wrath, as he saw Whitebeard possibly be direct while training under Roger Pirates. However, it is not known whether she is actually stronger than the other three of Yunko, or in the same strength.

Top 3 One Piece Pirate Crews

3/20 Rocks Pirates

The Rocks Pirates was a very powerful crew with amazing potential and considered a threat to the entire world. They were without a doubt the most powerful pirate crew of their time.

The strength of the crew at the time made the organization the most threatening to the world government, so the government decided to cover up their actions. With the goal of becoming the strongest military power in the world, they had at least three out of four Yunko in the future.

2/20 Red Hair Pirates

The exact strength of the crew as a whole is unknown, but since their leader is a member of Yonko, they are known as one of the four most powerful pirate crews in the world. 

According to Commodore Pranyo, the red-haired pirates are well balanced and impenetrable as a group, which generally shows slight weakness. A high average reward was also identified.

Captain Shanks has a reward from 4,048,900,000 Beli while his officers, between Beckman, Lucky Rowe, and Yasopp, are all referred to as Big Names. 

Rockstar, who joined the Shanks crew before skipping time, has a bonus of 94,000,000 Beli and is still considered a beginner. All other crew members’ rewards are unknown.

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1/20 Roger Pirates

Roger Pirates was one of the most powerful pirate crews in the world of one piece, as illustrated primarily by the fact that they were the only crew to beat the Grand Line and reach the last island of Laugh Tale by finding all four Poneglyphs.

They were able to understand Poneglyphs after recruiting Kozuki Oden, and the crew became part of a very few people to discover the true history of the world, the events of the void century, and the meaning of D.

Because of their abilities and accomplishments, Roger was awarded the highest known reward in history by the world government, with other members of the crew also becoming highly wanted men whose rewards are still active 25 years after the crew was disbanded.

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