Shanks true power
Shanks true power

We all want to see Shanks fighting in order to discover his power, yet we haven’t seen any fight to know Shanks true power but we actually watched him doing some amazing things that prove Shanks’s true power, for example when the white beard tried to hit him and we know the power of Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) as we know Shanks actually has one arm but Shanks stops him just with his sword. watch this video below to how strong is Shanks. 😉

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Shanks Vs Whitebeard 

Shanks full name which is Portgas D. Shanks make one piece characters feel scared, he is one of the anime and manga One Piece characters, he is the captain of the red hair pirates and a member of the four Unico, and he was one of the pirates of the former pirate king, Goul de Roger, and he is the ideal of Luffy and his best friend, and he is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece, and he is From western blue.

Shanks vs Blackbeard
Shanks vs Blackbeard

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Marshall D. Teach vs Shanks | Shanks true power.

In order to make you see the true power of shanks, I will remember you when he challenged Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) but he couldn’t accept the challenge, he said that he is not ready yet to face Shanks.

“It still too soon to fight you guys”

Marshall D. Teach

watch this video below, you will see everyone stressed and scared of him.

Marshall D. Teach vs Shanks

Does shanks have a devil fruit power?

Shanks does not have Devil Fruit power and I will tell you why? First, anyone who has a devil fruit power can’t swim, so we saw Shanks when he saved Luffy and he was swimming without any problem, the actual power of shanks is the “Haki” and fighting with his sword.

He does not need Devil fruits power to become Yonko, Shanks Haki is enough to defeat his opponent without mentioning his amazing crew, actually, every single one in Shanks crew can replace his place as a Yonko yes that’s how strong they are.

Shanks vs Akainu

Shanks VS akainu
Shanks VS akainu

In The Battle of Marineford in One piece, Shanks stopped Akainu just with one arm again, did you notice that Shanks now have just one arm but everyone still scared from just hearing his name? Akainu even if he is the most powerful admiral he could not prophesy that Shanks is coming. Again watch this video for better understanding 🙂
Akainu Vs Shanks

Is whitebeard stronger than Shanks?

Whitebeard, of course, is stronger than Shanks, Whitebeard is the only one who could equalize Gold D Roger when fighting with each other, and he is the one who has easily been the Pirate King after Gold D. Roger.


Shanks vs Mihawk | Shanks true Power

Hawk Eyes” or Dracule Mihawk the strongest swordsman in the world which was one of the Shichibukai, Shanks, and Mihawk were fighting before shanks lose his arm, and their fights always ended up a draw, considering that Dracule Mihawk is the strongest swordsman and he can’t defeat shanks in a fight with swords that means shanks is really powerful! we know that he uses “Haki” or he mastered using the “Haki” and other things which we might discover later, So if shanks is a powerful man.

The video will show you the time when Mihawk comes to shanks, so listen to what he said. Enjoy it.
Shanks VS Mihawk

What do you thinks?

What do you think? how strong is Shanks? Do you love this character? I really wish to see him fighting with someone, that would be just amazing. Thank you for reading this if you enjoy it don’t forget to answer the question I gave you I want to know your opinion 🙂

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