Hello Guys, Today we will be talking about the best short anime you’ll ever see in which you’ll never be bored of also the ranking is not important for those anime. If you already watched those anime then it’s time to watch them again.

Best Short Anime to watch

No Game No Life

Best Short Anime

For those who love gaming, this anime is the best and if you didn’t watch it he is talking about Sora and Shiro, two brothers who like video games and believes that the real world is just a boring game after that they have been summoned to a new world by someone named The King and told them that there is a war coming and the best thing is that everything is just a game.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Best Short Anime

Many anime lovers call this one the perfect anime because it’s almost clear of flaws in addition to that it’s one of the most-watched animes on most platforms.

The story of Fullmetal Alchemist is about the brothers Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric when they try to revive their mother using chemistry but getting someone back to life is something that is impossible as we all know and because of that Alphonse Elric lost all of his body and only his soul stayed inside a shield while Edward lost his right arm and left foot.

In order to get back what they lost, they went together to search for Philosopher’s Stone, and here where the events started being exciting. You can watch the anime and see.

One-Punch Man

Best Short Anime

It’s one Of the best animes that I really went to see more seasons of, while reading this article you should have seen this anime before but if you didn’t you must watch it now.

For those who didn’t watch it, the story is about a guy with no hair named Saitama versus weird monsters and super guys who appear suddenly every time, so in order to defeat them there are heroes between them there is Saitama.

A guy who doesn’t care and looks weak but he is strong and no one could defeat him, instead he finish his enemies with only 1 punch. Because of his power, he didn’t find enthusiasm in his fights that’s why he always tries to find new strong people or monsters to fight with.

Death Note

Best Short Anime

The legend anime, many people want to lose their memory in order to watch it again, My friend, if you still didn’t watch this anime I really want to change with you so I become the one who didn’t watch it.

The story is about a guy named light who found a notebook named Death Note and they say that if you wrote the name of someone on it he will die.

In the beginning, the boy thought that it’s just bullshit until he tried it by killing too many criminals. After that, he decided to kill criminals around the country, if you didn’t watch it I advise you to do that.

Nanatsu No Taizai (The seven deadly sins)

Best Short Anime

A really great anime from all sides, from being funny to the great fights, when you watch it you will not feel bored you’ll enjoy the funny moments, especially between Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones.

The story of The seven deadly sins is about 7 sins in Britain who got defeated and disappeared each one went somewhere but just after 10 years something happened so Elizabeth Liones tried to find them to help her. I also advise you to watch this anime in case you didn’t.