Does Tanjiro Died? Yes, At the end of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Tanjiro died during the last battle against Muzan when one of the surviving Hashira checked him and found that his pulse stopped besides not breathing and officially announced Tanjiro’s death.


Does Tanjiro die at 25?

Although Tanjiro died he has been revived by someone and solved all of his illnesses and wounds, this also means that he will not die at the age of 25 because that guy dealt with it.

How Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

Tanjiro died because of Muzan in general, also because of using the Sun Breathing Techniques quickly and multiple times, his injuries because Muzan made also took his situation to the worst level. On the other hand, Muzan wasn’t much affected by Tanjiro’s Sun Breathing Techniques, instead, he was able to handle it and overpower him during the fight until the other day.

In the final arc battle: The Infinity Castle Arc, The Hashira teamed up and head to the Ubuyashiki Estate to kill Muzan the king of demons, the Hashira are powerful but if they didn’t make a team they can’t defeat him. There is also where the events started leading to Tanjiro’s death as well as other characters such as the mist Hashira.

During the fight against Muzan they were able to attack him several times, the thing that shows how powerful he is, it took all the demon slayer corps members to stand against Muzan. They gathered together and tried to attack him from all sides in a room but they were all transported to Infinity Castle.

This separated most of them but what’s making it excited is that after the fight continued for some time the Infinity Castle was destroyed besides having no result, I mean they couldn’t kill Muzan, instead, they decided to wait for the sunrise in order to kill him forever

Muzan Kibutsuji’s Abilities

As we all know and for those who don’t know, Tanjiro defeated Muzan but Muzan killed Tanjiro! so what happened and how strong is Muzan actually?

Muzan is the creator of all demons and the strongest one, he lived for more than 1000 years from the era of Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He also killed thousands of people and has a wide range of abilities such as tricks such as turning into a child, a man, or even a woman besides having 7 hearts.

Muzan has also other multiple abilities such as Daemon Memory Access as he can see the memories of his demons, we will see this in the anime as well as Demon Power Nullification and Extrasensory Perception.

If you watch the fights between demons and Hashira you’ll notice that they are so fast, well Muzan has an Immeasurable Speed & Reflexes that surpass the Upper Ranks. It was so fast as Tanjiro and Mitsuri couldn’t see him besides having an Immeasurable Strength.

Does tanjiro die in the manga?

Yes, Tanjiro died in the manga and was also revived but note yet in the anime as there are still many episodes to watch before the last battle against Muzan Kibutsuji.

Tanjiro’s death manga was in Chapter 205 after he lived and had fun with Kanao (His love), he also becomes a demon at some point but at the end of the battle they live again in peace as normal people because the Demons don’t exist anymore and the story ended.

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