Who is the strongest character in Demon slayer? Demon slayer is one of the best anime in the world that become more famous after the movie “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba — The Movie: Mugen Train”. In this article we will reveal:

  • Who is the strongest Hashira?
  • Who is the strongest Demon Slayer?
  • Who is the strongest Demon?
  • Who is the strongest Character ever in Demon Slayer?

The Strongest Slayer Characters Rankings

Here are the strongest Demon Slayer rankings:

#2 Gyomei Himejima (The second strongest Demon Slayer)

From Inosuke and Tanjiro we knew that the strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer is Gyomei Himejima who was a real beast in the fight. For your information, he is blind, you know that? ok, the second one he becomes a Hashira just in two months. Yes, to be a Hashira you need at least 5 years of training and only talented people who become Hashira in 2 or 3 years.

Gyomei Himejima was able to stand against Kokushibo even without his legendary demon mark, Kokushibo the first Upper Moon and the strongest Demon after Muzan.

His skills in the fight as well as his weapons are unique as well as having the strongest body among all the Hashira. He awakened his Demon slayer Mark when he was in a battle against Kokushibo.

I’m sorry because Now everyone is comparing him with Kokushibo the strongest demon, so I’m saying it many times, it’s a good thing actually because it shows how powerful he is, but anyway, this is the only thing we have. Against the best Upper Moon, he is really good but not against Muzan so we will rank him 5.

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#1 Yoriichi Tsugikuni (The strongest Demon Slayer)

Yoriichi is the strongest demon slayer and just like his twin brother Kokushibo, a calm tall, and muscular man with the same demon slayer mark as Tanjiro in the same place on their head.

He is the strongest character in Demon slayer, but after he died Muzan now is the strongest in Demon. Yoriichi was able to defeat a trained sword instructor effortlessly as a 5 years old child, and after some training, he become the strongest Demon slayer. He also could’ve killed Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo when he was over 80 years old.

Strongest Demon In Demon Slayer

Here are the strongest demons in Demon slayer ranked:

#3 Kokushibo

A big experience hunting Hashira and killing strong people, this guy was hard to kill as two strong Hashira gathered their power so they can take off his head (we are talking about Sanemi and Muichiro).

He gathered a great experience as he tokes some Hashira techniques and uses them while fighting so the only thing I can say is just wait until you watch him in the anime.

#2 Muzan Kibutsuji (Actual Demon King)

Muzan the king of demons was able to force back 4 Hashiras and 2 Hashira-level opponents in an instant, he is the first and the creator of all the demons, and now he and his demons killed many people along with the Hashira.

Muzan Abilities

  1. Biological Absorption
  2. Combat Form
  3. Arm Whips
  4. Mouth Suction
  5. Leg Whips
  6. Spine Whips
  7. Demonic Blood
  8. Blood Memory Transfer
  9. Demon Manipulation
  10. Demon Curse
  11. Demon Memory Access
  12. Demon Power Nullification
  13. Possession
  14. Telepathy
  15. Extrasensory Perception
  16. Genius Intellect
  17. Immeasurable Speed & Reflexes
  18. Immeasurable Strength
  19. Nigh-Absolute Regeneration
  20. Unlimited Stamina & Endurance

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#1 Tanjiro Kamado (Demon King)

Tanjiro is not the strongest character in Demon Slayer but he was turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji when he was in the final fight against him, when he becomes a demon he becomes the strongest, first of all, he can walk under the sun, unlike other demons that are all affected by the sunshine as well as Muzan. The second thing he had almost the power of Yoriichi, so combining demon power and the strength of Yoriichi gives you the new Demon King.

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