Muzan is a powerful character and he is the demon king the strongest in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. His abilities are many and one of them is changing his look into various forms as he can become a woman or a child also.

How did Muzan become a woman?

How did Muzan become a woman?
How did Muzan become a woman?

Muzan becomes a woman because of his ability to transform into different forms, till now we’ve seen only Two others are covered in the manga.

You may wonder why did Muzan turn into a baby as well as other forms and why he changes his appearance?

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Why did Muzan change his appearance?

Because he is a demon besides the desire of hiding his identity so Demon Slayer Corps can’t recognize him, not because he is afraid of them, it’s just for the reason of working in silence to achieve his main goal which is creating a demon without any weaknesses. The rule of this demon is to find the Blue Spider Lily flower for him because she will make him unbeatable as well as the ability to walk under the sun without dying.

How did Muzan become a child?

How did Muzan become a woman?
How did Muzan become a child?

Muzan has known also for transforming into an 11-year-old child, if you watch season 2 you’ll see that. For this question the same answer, he changed his appearance due to his ability.

Muzan true form

  1. What is Muzan final form?

We will not see Muzan’s true form or final form until the end of Demon slayer where he will engage with the Demon Slayer Corps in the final battle.

But his form looks like this:

How did Muzan become a woman

Does Muzan love his family?

Actually, Muzan doesn’t love his family “which is demons” because they are just tools to achieve his goals more than being a family. If I ask you, have you ever seen someone killing members of his family? Yes, there are but when he does that means he doesn’t love them.

How old is Muzan?

Unlike other demons whose age is hundreds of years depending on the demon, Muzan is older because he is the creator of all Demons in Demon Slayer, his age is over 1000 years old, despite his age his appearance doesn’t refer to his age at all.

Actually, as you know he can become a child or turn into different forms so it’s a normal thing for him as all demons don’t die so they don’t get old.

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