If you are watching Demon Slayer and you are a real fan of it you must ask how did Muzan become a demon?

1. How did Muzan become a demon?

How did Muzan become a demon

Muzan Kibutsuji was a normal person just like all other people living his normal life, but there was a small problem, actually a big problem which is his sickness.

We’ll come to that later, Muzan started as a normal person then he become a demon the only one because there was no other demon then so he decided to have some other demons to help him achieve his goals.

Demons are made from people, Muzan gives people his blood then they turn into demons but with different power levels as there are strong and weak ones. Strong demons which are now the Twelve Kizuki are made from powerful people while the weak are the normal people without any strength or power like humans.

Muzan has ruled in Japan for 1,000 years, the guy who everyone including strong demons who quaked with fear in his presence except for one person who was so close to killing him who’s name is Yorrichi Tsugikuni.

He is Unkillable as he got many hearts, but how many hearts does Muzan have in your opinion? the answer is 7. As we all know if you cut off the head of the demon he will die but although Yoriichi the strongest character in the story did it with Muzan he didn’t die so I’ll let you think about it and how can someone murder him?

Muzan was going to be burned and die when he was young after his heart stopped beating but when he was burning he coughed and squirmed which means another chance was given to the monster who will cause death for thousands of humans.

Before Muzan reach 20 years he got sick with a terminal illness but he refused dying so he looked for a doctor who was gonna almost save him and save the world from a dangerous demon, but that demon himself killed the doctor before he finish the treatment.

When did Muzan become a Demon?

If you are looking for the exact birth date of Muzan don’t waste your time, it doesn’t exist and no one knows it. However, we know that he lived 1000 years ago and lived in the era of Yoriichi. Well, Muzan becomes a Demon before 20 years Old as we said before, and if we do some calculations, he becomes a demon 980 years ago.

How did Muzan become a demon Exactly?

After the doctor treated him using the Blue Spider Lily, Muzan didn’t notice the results so he was enraged about it and killed the doctor.

After some time he found that he become powerful with inhuman skills and power while he noticed that the sun may kill him, however, he was happy because he become like this besides being granted immortality and turning into the first demon ever.

Why Muzan killed Tanjiro family

As you know Muzan was looking for someone who can walk in the sunshine so he tried to give his blood to various humans to see if they will have this skill, he end up killing Tanjiro’s family because they couldn’t bear his blood except Nezuko.

Why did Muzan turn Nezuko into a demon?

How did Muzan become a demon

He did it at the beginning for the family Tanjiro, but they all died except Nezoku while Tanjiro was out of the house. The reason for turning it into a demon is because of her blood and her ability to find the Blue Spider Lily medicine, the thing that other demons couldn’t do.

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