Netflix has put the means for its series in live action dedicated to One Piece : first images of the boats of certain crews have been revealed.

New images from the live-action series of One Piece, scheduled for Netflix, have emerged in recent days. And we understand all the more the ambition and the budget injected into this huge production. The Mont Corvo account indeed shared three snaps this week revealing three life-size boats designed for the series. Namely: Shanks’ Red Force, Luffy’s Going Merry and Alvida’s Miss Love Duck.

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The platform has thus reproduced some of the famous ships of the series on a large scale. As a reminder, 100 million euros have been dedicated to the adventure of Luffy and his friends to match the ambition of the project. Recently, the various actors have been unveiled, and we are just beginning to discover the gigantic sets that have been used by the teams in the series. Colossal resources responsible for sustaining One Piece in live-action, a heavy task, which moreover suffers from a delicate liability given the latest attempts dedicated to other anime.

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