How strong is Boruto’s Eye and where did he get it? we will answer these questions and more in this article.

This Eye has incredible power and he is the only one who has it till the moment.

How did Boruto get the Jōgan eye?

First, it is a hereditary eye that means he was born with it and someone helped Boruto to show up his eye fast, and the reason why he got the Jōgan eye is that because he is the closest human to the Ōtsutsuki so his blood is not purely caused by his hereditary genetics which is closed to Ōtsutsuki.

Momoshiki ōtsutsuki always says that you have a lot of ōtsutsuki power as you can see in the video, start from 2:29

So as I said before Boruto was born with this eye just like Sasuke and his daughter (Sharingan eyes) and Neji and his sister (Byakugan eyes) so they start learning how to use those eyes little by little, that’s what’s happening with Boruto now.

Boruto’s Eye is the oldest, strongest, and the main one in Dojutsu and Naruto’s Anime World, the reason why this is because its abilities contain all the abilities of the other eyes such as Sasuke’s and Niji’s Eye…

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Is Jougan stronger than rinnegan?

The thing that you know and I know is Jougan the Dojutsu of the Otsutsuki clan, right? and Boruto has the Jogan because his parents Naruto and Hinata who has Hagoromo and Hamura’s chakra, while the chakra of those two combined is an Otsutsuki’s Chakra from their mother Kaguya Otsutsuki.

The Jorgan is absolutely stronger than Rinnegan, but till now its power is not revealed yet and for now, the Rinnegan is still stronger. We should wait until we see its real power but for sure it will be stronger thank Rinnegan.

Why does Boruto only have one Jougan?

There are many reasons that may be true or false, However, Boruto will stay with only one eye and the reason for that may be because of his genetics.

The Abilities of Jogan Boruto’s Eye:

  • 5/ jogan chakra

Another possible ability of the Jogan is that it can have a chakra phase similar to the Tenseigan chakra phase.

Toneri Otsutsuki was able to use the Tenseigan chakra mode when he awakened the Tenseigan.

There is a possibility as we know that the Jogan is related to the Tenseigan but I don’t want to burn events here. So this is a strong possibility

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  • 4/ Time control

This is also one of the potential abilities of the Jogan.

This ability allows Boruto Uzumaki to manipulate time and thwart his opponents.

Or it could be that Boruto just plays with time in his opponents’ minds as Itachi Uchiha does when he uses the Tsukuyomi.

Of course, Boruto Uzumaki can destroy any opponent’s mind by manipulating time.

Or it could mean time manipulation something like Izanagi where Boruto can control time temporarily.

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  • 3/ Ninjutsu time and space

Another amazing ability of the Juugan is the space-time ninjutsu, which means that the Juugan can open a portal to another dimension.

This was also revealed in one of Boruto Arcs.

When they chase after Kaki Sumire and Noe, they try to escape to another dimension without knowing that Boruto can follow them there.

Who knows, maybe in the near future, Boruto can use space-time techniques as used by Sasuke Uchiha and move freely between different dimensions and may also have the ability to swap places with anything or someone as Sasuke uses them.

  • 2/ Seeing the path of chakra

There is another ability of the Jougan which is similar to that of one of the most powerful visual abilities in history, the Byakugan. The Jogan can easily see the chakra path of any living creature.

This ability has also been revealed in Arc Nui. It was obvious that Boruto could see the chakra system and chakra release points on the body.

Even the smallest attack on these points affects the chakra path and paralyzes the opponent’s movement

  • 1/ Seeing the weakest point of the body

The Jogan has the ability that can detect the weakest point in the body of any creature, whether it is an animal, human, or external being.

This Eye ability helped Boruto fight with some ōtsutsuki and defeat Momoshiki when he fought him in the other dimension with Naruto and Sasuke.

This ability, in my opinion, is one of the best of all visual abilities and gives Boruto Uzumaki an idea of where he should attack in order to finish it off quickly.

Will Himawari have Jougan?

No, but instead she is the youngest person to possess this Kekkei Genkai.

As a daughter of Naruto and Hinata she must have something special and stronger just like Boruto does, so she actually got Kekkei Genkai and she is really powerful with it.

Who gave boruto jougan?

As we said before no one gave him the eye, he actually got it naturally because he is the son of Naruto and Hinata who got the Chakra of Hagoromo and Hamura. So Boruto’s eyes come from his bloodline.

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