Dracule Mihawk is one of the greatest pirates in the world, strong, works alone, and trusts himself we can’t finish talking about him, so you may wonder about Dracule Mihawk’s bounty, you will discover that in a moment.

Oda didn’t state the Daracule Mihawk bounty as the most powerful Shichibukai in history, but why? because his bounty will turn the bounties upside down that’s sure. The most powerful swordsman in the world.

If we are talking about Dracule Mihawk’s strength, we all agree that he is so powerful right? it’s enough his fights with Yonko Shanks always end up with a draw, So after the Shichibukai System is done, Mihawk now is in danger and all those who wanted him to die will try to kill him what makes it difficult is that he doesn’t have his crew.

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Dracule Mihawk bounty

The bounty on Mihawk’s Head is 2,500,000,000 Beli. with this big number, he is standing beside the big guys which are of course the Yonko Kaido, Big Mom, Shanks, and the new one Blackbeard.

One Piece: Mihawk

So after talking about Dracule Mihawk’s bounty it’s time to know some things about him. The strongest swordsman in the world (Hawkeyes) his personality seems serious it actually appears clear that he is a serious and calm character.

It’s rare seeing him laughing or something else, he loves being alone, because he is leaving alone, without a crew, also he is going alone in a small boat even in the new world, the place where you find 4 Yonko and you know how hard it is sailing in the new world Mihawk is sailing in the new world totally free.

If Shanks is the freest man in the sea so what we’re going to say about Mihawk, he is alone and he is moving without any problems no one talks or does anything to him, Mihawk actually is the uncrowned king.

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How strong is Mihawk

As we all know Mihawk holds the title of the most powerful swordsman in the world, one of the most titles in One Piece the same as the most powerful man in the world for Whitebeard, and the most powerful creature for Kaido.

Dracule Mihawk Sword

His weapon is the most powerful sword in the world, the Dracule Mihawk sword called Yoru “Black Sword/Blade” he is not showing the sword to someone who doesn’t deserve it, exactly the same as what happened with Zoro when he fights him with a small sword, but when he saw that Zoro deserves his sword he showed it to him and as a result of that he cut his swords.

Dracule Mihawk Sword

Mihawk eyes

His eyes help him because he can see in a long distance like what happened in the Marineford war when he saw Luffy. His eyes are not ordinary, they are his second weapon and that’s why they call him “Hawkeyes”

As well as hardening Haki at his highest level, which supports his sword when fighting It is a shame for the swordsman to break his sword, so he trained him to perfect hardening Haki, so we sow how strong Zoro’s hardening Haki, What do you think about the Haki of his teacher?

His eyes also supported the prediction of Haki and maybe royal Haki too which makes him one of the most powerful characters in the world the proof is his draw with Shanks, Whitebeard told Shanks that he still remembers his fights with Mihawk even Whitebeard who pass Legendary battles with Roger is saying that! that shows you that Mihawk is not easy.

Also, this shows that they were fighting using their full power, yes they were not fighting just using swords, here’s another proof: Dracule Mihawk said that he can’t fight Shanks after he loses his arm. Dracule knows what he is saying he is not garrulous.

From the time Shanks lose his arm, Mihwak still looking for someone stronger (using a sword) to fight, but he found no one. There is no strong swordsman at the moment, but I think later Zoro will be.

Why did he train Zoro? of course, because he feels that he is going to be strong so he trained him so he can fight him in the future, the proof is when he said to Zoro: “Train well and come to fight me”

How strong is Mihawk?

Mihwak lost the enjoyment of battles when Shanks lost his arm because he was the only strong sword man he can find, so what he did is he started moving into the new world and the event of Marineford was the best place to discover new powerful characters, so he decided to join marines in their war.

Then everyone gets shocked Sengoku and Doflamingo… because there was no way for Mihawk to join the war because he is indifferent to anything, and he said he came just to watch so that’s what he did but he moved twice.

The first movement

The first one is to know the real distance between him and the strongest man in the world because he felt boring about looking for a strong swordsman he moved to the strongest man in the world so he attacked him to know how much power he is going to use to avoid his strike, but Jozu was there to do it instead Whitebeard then Mihawk he left him because it didn’t work also because he doesn’t care.

At that moment everyone talked about him even Akainu who hates pirates talked about him. Also, Kizaru, Smoker, Boa Hankook, and Vista said: “fighting Mihawk is like a dream for swordsmen”

The second movement

The second movement was with Luffy but why Luffy? he is weak why did he choose him between all those monsters? Because he wanted to test his power and why Shanks bet on Luffy with his arm? and so he has something special? So what he found is that Luffy has the power of making everyone on his side how? when Mihawk attacked Luffy many characters came to save him so he noticed that.


Mihawk’s rating is 10/10, and we would love to see him fighting. Dracule Mihawk’s bounty is 2,500,000,000 Beli and we don’t watch any battle of him this is unfair. What is your rating for Dracule Mihawk?

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