Today we have heavy caliber showdown Shanks vs Akainu. The yonko Shanks or “the red hair” face the justice monster, the previous admiral Akainu.

In the decision stage, we compare between two sides and points gave to them both in every stage

This is The Arbitration schedule

Decision stage1
Arbitration schedule


The one who gets more points will be the winner, so remember it, it will be the judge of this confrontation. In case there is a draw between those two parties in a certain period we divide points equally between them.

1) Strength {Akainu VS Shanks}


Devil fruit: Logia Magu Magu no Mi (The lava )

Haki: Perfects hardening haki (Busoshoku Haki). But for royal haki (Haoshoku Haki) we don’t know but the probability of having royal haki is 98%.


Strength: Swordsman the proof is that he is attacking always with his swoard exactly as his attack on Whitebeard, his defend also with his swoard as he fend off a blow of Akainu.

Haki: Perfects all types of haki. (Hardening, royal, and also forecasting haki “Kenbunshoku Haki“)

2) Features


He’s distinguished by his strong fruit which penetrates and burns anything so that penetrate anything in front of him, also his fruit considered as the strongest attack fruits in One Piece.

He characterized by his high Endurance, for instance, when Whitebeard hit him in his body using huge power which destroyed the place there but he still alive and stand up and continued fighting. I really enjoyed this video 🙂

Akainu VS whitebeard


He characterized by his high power using a sword we also know that his fights with Mihawk end with a draw, Mihawk the strongest sword man, we also know that he will not fight you if you don’t have huge skills using your sword.

Also he is featured by using royal haki and he is the most free man in the sea.

Mihawk vs Shanks

Achievements (Akainu vs Shanks)


He got the Fleet commander position and it is the highest position that soldier can get to inside the Marine.

The second achievement is that he was the hero of that win when Marine won the Whitebeard pirates and killed Ace.


In the other side Shanks who get the highest position which is being a Yonko, because it is the highest position a pirate can get to after the king of pirates.

The second achievement is stopping a big war such as Marineford war before that he stopped kaido the strongest in the world.

Fights (Akainu vs Shanks)


Akainu vs Aokiji

His fight with the most powerful man in the world, Whitebeard in marine ford which ended up for Whitebeard ostensibly but inwardly Akainu is the winner, why? because the damage of Akainu on Whitebeard is more than whitebeard’s damage to Akainu, Akainu also incision half of his head while Whitebeard didn’t cause huge damage to his opponent.

So the death of Whitebeard related just to time that’s why he left his crew because he new who’s the winner.

His second fight with Aokiji which continued for 10 days and ended for Akainu, we don’t know what happened exactly but Akainu is the winner and he left huge damage for Aokiji.

His fight with Jinbe and Ace all ended for him.

Shanks Vs Whitebeard

His fights with the strongest sword man in the world Mihawk which ended with a draw btween those two strong pirates.

Friction this time not fight with Whitebeard ended with a draw.

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Positions (Akainu Vs Shanks)


The first one was in Marineford war when he attacked Whitebeard in Marineford, he stopped Witebeard’s attack when he used his spear supported with his earthquakes just with his leg. Yes, The strongest man’s attack stopped with Akainu’s leg.

The second one is when he comes back from the pit tried to kill Luffy but Emporio Ivankov, Jinbe, Marco, and Vista stopped him every time but all those couldn’t stop him. So what happened was the Whitebeard crew plus Crocodile get together to stop the monster even though he just came from the biggest fight with the strong man in the world.

The third was when Blackbeard toke Bonney and wanted to swap it with a ship but when he saw Akainu escaped with his crew. The Black beard with two devil fruits escapes from Akainu!! this gives us proof that Akainu is strong.

The last one is when Akaino moved the head office of Marine to the new world, So this shows that he is challenging the 4 yonko together.

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The first one was broken into war of Marineford and stopping Akainu especially, then Akainu stopped going behind Luffy and he could’t do anything. This in one side, in other side he walked confidently straight Blackbeard and stopped the war. Everyone retreat especially Blackbeard after he wanted to show his power.

The second is when he walked to Whitebeard with royal haki in his own ship. Even Shanks is not in his ship he showed some of his power on the crew of the strongest man in the world and this gives us a proof on his power.

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The last One, Decision stage.

Strength 2 Pints:

Shanks Akainu
1 P1 P
Shanks Vs Akainu

Akainu is using Logia fruit with hardening and forecasting haki while Shanks uses his sword skills and all types of Haki. So even if Logia fruit better than using swords but Shanks royal haki makes things equally. So both will share the point.

Features 1 Point:

Shanks Akainu
1 P2 P
Shanks Vs Akainu

Akainu beat Shanks, because even if shanks have skills using swords, Akainu featured by his Logia attack fruit the strongest one as well as durability which beat shanks royal Haki. So 1 point for Akainu.

Achievements 1 point:

Shanks beat Akainu because even the position of a fleet commander is bigger than Yonko but stopping Kaido and Marineford war are better. 1 point for shanks.

Fights 1 point:

Shanks Akainu
2 P3 P
Shanks Vs Akainu

Akainu beat shanks because he killed Ace and won the fight between him and Aokiji also caused the death of Whitebeard, while just shanks equaled with Mihawk. So 1 point for Akainu.

Positions 1 piont:

Shanks Akainu
3 P3 P
Shanks Vs Akainu

Here they are more likely similar to each other but shanks better so 1 point for Shanks.

Decision Stage 1 point:

If we look more logical we can see they are the two are similar both are strong, Shanks is a strong sword man and perfects all types of Haki vs Akainu with the strongest Logia fruit and his durability.

But all Shanks movements are with his crew even if he is the leader. In the other side we didn’t see Akainu vs Aokiji but he is the futre of Marine so we will Give the point for Akainu. 1 point for him he is the strongest one in this confrontation Shanks vs Akainu.

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