Shanks Crew Bounties Quick Answer:

  • 10) Rockstar 94.000.000 Beli
  • 9) Hongo 460.000.000 Beli
  • 8) Monster 500.000.000 Beli
  • 7) Bonk Punch 560.000.000 Beli
  • 6) Building Snake 560.000.000 Beli
  • 5) Limejuice 800.000.000 Beli
  • 4) Yasopp Beli
  • 3) The fat Lucky Roux 1.400.000.000 Beli
  • 2) Benn Beckman 1.900.000.000 Beli
  • 1) Yonko Shanks 4.084.900.000 Beli

Actually, One-piece didn’t show all Shanks crew bounties even though the provided bounties are old also the names of some characters of red pirates are not mentioned so here are all Shanks crew bounties ranked.

The scary, the strongest, the one who stopped a big war such as the war of Marineford, the one who has terrible characters. It’s Red hair pirates, and as you can see the Bounties will be just expectations, my own expectations but we can say that they are perfect expectations. let’s start 😉

10) Rockstar Bounty

Rockstar is a new pirate in shanks crew, he appeared for the first time when shanks send him to Whitebeard in order to give him a letter, so he faced Whitebeard personally but Whitebeard cut the letter and taunt him, so Rock star wanted to want revenge for his honor except for Shanks who said to him “you life is important than your honor”.

His bounty is 94,000,000 Beli. But this bounty was in the beginning but after the 2 years I mean when he joined Shanks crew his bounty will move to 190,000,000 Beli.

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9) Hongo Bounty

Shanks Crew Bounties

The next character is this person, we don’t know anything about him but it seems that he is strong, he is carrying a sword and I think that he is the crew doctor I also think that he is the weakest character in Red hair pirates so his bounty will be 460,000,000 Beli.

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8) Monster Bounty

Actually, it’s hard to find information about Shanks’s crew and they still want Shanks’s crew to be unknown, anyway, this person looks like a monster like he is a wild man, look at his clothes, his look, and even his mouth, he looks like a predator.

Even his rating came as Avalo Pizarro. So he looks like him the same appearance which means he is fighting like monsters and as a bounty on his head, it will be 500,000,000 Beli.

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7) Bonk Punch Bounty

The next one is the man who had a monkey and again we don’t know his name, it seems that they are both good fighters that mean he trained his monkey so he becomes strong, so this man actually will be hard to fight because he uses his animal that means you will fight 2 instead 1.

The thing that proves his strength is the scars on his head. The bounty on his head will be 560,000,000 Beli.

6) Building Snake Bounty

The next one is the one who had a dragon Tatto, for the first time you see him you might say he is a cyborg because of his nose, glasses, hair, as well as he is big that’s why we can say about him, the cyborg of the crew, just from his appearance he looks strong also in his rating came with Jesus Burgess so as a bounty on his head, it will be 700,000,000 Beli.

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5) Limejuice Bounty

The man with white gloves is our next character and in his rating, he came with Laffitte in Blackbeard pirates. So I see that Laffitte is one of the strongest leaders in Blackbeard pirates that’s why his opponent will be the same with him at his power level.

A strong person who trusts in himself and wears white gloves and carries a small stick, and as a bounty on his head will be 800,000,000 Beli.

4) Yasopp Bounty

We know a lot or even a little bit about all the characters coming from now, Yasopp is the sniper of the crew. Yasopp is the father of Usopp the sniper of the straw hat crew also he is one of the famous snipers in the world, he can hit his target from 100 m without any mistake.

Yasopp actually is a really strong character inside Shanks’s crew and he is very famous in the world and his bounty will be… 1,000,000,000 Beli.

3) The fat Lucky Roux Bounty

Lucky Roux. This is the next one today which is considered one of the chief fighters in Shanks’s crew, and some said that he is the fastest one without having devil fruits. Even though he is fat but he got something that let him move very fast, exactly like what happened in Fousha village when he moved fast between bandits and shot one of them.

It’s an important character in Red hair pirates and his bounty will be 1,400,000,000 Beli.

2) Benn Beckman Bounty

Benn Beckman the right hand of Red Hair, As Oda mentioned, and he is the creator of One Piece you can read about him on Wikipedia I linked to it.

Anyway he is considered as the smartest one in the West Blue and the gun is his main weapon and it appears he mixes his bullets with Haki hardening or “Busoshoku Haki” when he made Kizaru in the war of Marineford rise his hands up giving up, so it appears that he is a strong character so his bounty will be … 1,900,000,000 Beli.

1) Yonko Shanks Bounty

Shanks actually is a famous character and his name is enough to present him, you don’t need to mention his power, it’s enough that he is a Yonko and he is a free pirate in the sea…

I already talked about him and other Yonko in a post. Anyway, Shanks’s bounty actually showed in the manga which means there are no expectations his bounty appeared with all Ynko bounties, and subsequently his bounty is 4,048,900,000 Beli.

Shanks’ crew name reveal

Oda revealed that Shanks crew’s name is Red Hair Pirates.

Does Shanks crew have the highest bounty?

No, Shanks doesn’t have the highest bounty but he does have the second.

Kaido is the one who has the highest bounty in One Piece 4,611,100,000 (for now after Roger and Whitebeard died).

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