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Green Bull One Piece

by Youssef
Green Bull One piece

Here are some strong expectations about Green Bull in One piece which specify and explain the strength and the devil fruits of Ryokugyu the new admiral. Because Oda every time he gives us a hint when he presents a new character I took those hints and I found some strong results about Green Bull.

Admiral Green Bull presented in a misleading picture so we cannot know how he looks like, but even though just the small discussion between Fujitora and Green Bull was enough to show a big hint about Ryokugu’s real power.

But first let us correct this theory about Admira Green Bull, which said that Admiral Ryokugyu has devil fruits is Bull fruit, and that is totally wrong. All admirals have special titles, for instance, kizaru (Yellow monkey) Akainu (Red dog), Aokiji (the blue pheasant), Fujitora (purple tiger). So is that mean that they have devil fruits similar to their names. “NO”

The second is “Bull” which means the color of the admiral also his power, for instance, Akainu’s color is red and his devil fruits red, the same with Kizaru (Yellow) = and Fujitora (purple)… that means Green bull’s devil fruits related to the green color. So remember that.

Green Bull’s devil fruits related with the green color.

Green Bull devil fruits
Green Bull One piece
Green Bull One piece

Why Green Bull didn’t eat for 3 years?

Admiral Ryokugyu devil fruit

Great, this is another signal that said he is using devil fruits, if you notice that all admirals are using Logia and Oda gave them the most powerful ones, so 3 admirals have Logia and paramecia, this means Green Bull has Zoan devil fruits.

Green Bull devil fruit type is Zoan.

Green Bulldevil fruit type

Why Ryokugyu didn’t eat for 3 years

If we start with the first conclusion that said his power related to green color and the second conclusion which said his devil fruit is Zoan type… we will find that his devil fruit is crocodile fruit.

Ryokugyu devil fruit is crocodile fruit.

Ryokugyu devil fruit

Why? what is your proof? Ok if you search about the crocodile animal you will find that he can live for 3 years without any problem and it is Green Bull’s same period. ( Read about this fact here ” Go to number 8″ )

So all the conclusions and facts apply to him, Green color, No food for 3 years… there is no way to be accidental. Here is another big proof, When he was talking with Fujitora, he have been asked to eat but Green Bull answered: I am lazy, this is one of the features of Crocodile (Eats just 50 meals in a year, and between each meal, he is taking a rest) the aim from this lazy is to save his power till another meal.

Fujitora and Green bull

Akainu also asked him to fire Fujitora and if you want to fire an admiral you must fight him, but this is not good for him because he must stay lazy so he said to Fujitora “Give me a break! I don’t want to”. (you can see it on the video)

So he got crocodile fruits and it’s really strong because his skin is so solid more than Kaido’s skin plus the crocodile owns the strongest jaw in the animal world, as well as his strong muscles, teeth, and tail. So it appears that Crocodile Zaon fruit is powerful. In addition to that when Green bull was laughing his mouth opened in a weird way, his mouth was big similar to the crocodile.

Green Bull One piece
Green Bull One piece

Finally, because it is Zoan fruit it probably can be Zoan Antique similar to “King, and Jack from Kaido’s crew”. Hre I hint to Extinct crocodile (dinosaurs alto grande) with more than 10 M length which has the most powerful bite in the history, so it makes sense for an admiral to have this power.

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Here I will match each admiral with his opponent in Straw hat’s crew with a quick explanation.

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  • Zoro vs Fujitora (Their powers depends on swords)
  • Sanji vs Kizaru (Both fighting with their legs and speed)
  • Green Bull vs Jinbe (Both can fight well in water)
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