How Old Is Himiko Toga?

Frequently, we see Himiko Toga acts like a child and we can guess that she may be 1 of those two things: A child or a crazy girl, also sometimes she is throwing a tantrum, and other times she is getting gleefully excited by something so when you look at those things you notice that absolutely she is a teenager.

When Himiko Toga first appeared, she was 16 years old and after a while, in the manga, she become 17 years old so now it’s between 17 and 18 years old and she would be a second-year student.

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Does Toga have a crush on DEKU?

How Old Is Himiko toga?

Hmmm… Who is that guy Toga Love or have a crush on? He might be Deku, what do you think? It’s a nice thing when you see a girl like Toga show so much interest in a shy boy Izuku Midoriya. There are reasons for that one of them is that Himiko loves the blood on someone, and when she first sees Midoriya bloodstained she felt good and loved that appearance.

As a first meeting, it is perfect for her so yeah we can say that Toga has a crush on Izuku Midoriya.

Is toga older than DEKU?

Is toga older than DEKU?

Yes, Toga is older than Izuku Midoriya, but Shigaraki is older than them, Toga in the anime is just 17 years in series old which makes her a second-year in high school but we don’t actually know if she is a student.

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What Are Some Of Himiko’s Favorite Things?

In My Hero Academia we have many different characters both heroes and villains and those in the middle, it contains all the things you may think about which makes it one of the best anime, besides Himiko, who comes with a unique personality that actually just a few people in our society have.

She loves and acts like a Cat, she also loves seeing the blood on humans.

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What does Himiko toga do?

Himiko Toga’s ability is great and I would love to have the same ability in real life, first of all, she is one of the new members, her quirk allows her to drink the blood of anyone and as a result, she turns into his likeness, she did that many times and she was really good at it, it’s a really great quirk.

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