Who’s kaido’s son? of course it is Yamato as shown in the enemy.

you can read why in this article.

Coming in the article: Look at the Elephant ships we all know that they are for Jack you can see him there in the video and look at Queen ships… but look at the scorpion ships!

This post today is according to what came on chapter 977 also some strong leaks in 2009, why they are strong because what we read there happened not everything but most events happened.

Kaido’s son is not Zoro and he is not Katakuri Kaido’s son’s name is Yamato.

These days we heard lots of theories and expectations about the son of Kaido which says that the son of Kaido is Roronoa Zoro! on the other side, they say Kaido suicidal? this one is right but why? Kaido hate Whitebeard? Yes but why? Why does Kaido owe big mom? Does Kaido’s son devil fruit appear in One Piece? yes, but when?

You asked all of these questions so I will answer it today But according to what came on chapter 977 and 2009 leaks. So let’s get started.

Who is the son of Kaido? is it Zoro!

Kaido affectionate father, his son is actually older than 20 years old how did I know that? back to chapter 973, we see in an emotional scene it is emotional because of the magnanimity of Momonosuke when he talked about his relationship with Oden Sama we saw how Kaido leave Momonosuke without killing him, behavior like this will not be done by someone who not had a son but is it possible that son to be Roronoa Zoro if it is Zoro then was just 1 year old. Do you think Kaido’s emotion will move while he didn’t see his son? I don’t think so look at the picture! can you see any similarity between Zoro and Ryuma?

I actually looked at what’s on the leaks of 2009 point by point and I agree that those leaks are not normal because it contains some facts that looks logic and a huge part of it might be real but what I believe personally is that Zoro is not the son of Kaido.

I see that the place of the birth of Zoro is in Wano from the Shimotsuki family because all the information appeared about them matches Zoro and they say that Robin will find that in the Poneglyph in Wano.

The writer may bomb all fans and make Zoro the son of Kaido but just if we think a little about that, the Writer Editor said that Oda looks at all theories and expectations and change it but will Oda let such leak affect the manga? I don’t think so because even if the leak is true Oda will change it.

Look at Jack’s ships as well as Queen Ships it appears that only catastrophes who have their animal Zoan in the bow of the ship.

But now focus on those ships they appeared after Jack Runs from the marines and did his job, so it appears clear that this ship is impossible to be for a normal person because only catastrophes have the right to own such ships so we’ve seen all the fruits of the catastrophes but yet we didn’t see the scorpion fruit!

That’s why I think that this ship is for Kaido’s son but have we seen him before? I don’t think so because Oda 90% will shock us but if he already appeared in the manga he will be that guy because no one can say Jack without Sama.

As well as that guy is similar to these specifications, first, I expect him to be really strong and always stay outside Wano and hate his father also the relationship between Kaido and his son was good when he was young but something happened made him hate his father, and maybe that’s why Kaido try to suicide every time because he thinks that he is the guy who made his son as he is now.

The son of Kaido who represents Ace in-play cards after King and Queen appeard and Jack.

He is actually the same with Ace which hates his father because He holds him all the responsibility for what happened to him as a child so Kaido was a father who lost his son, that’s why Kaido hates the Whitebeard that means Whitebeard was the father of everyone so everyone likes him.

Why does Kaido owe big mom?

I think Kaido owes to Big Mom because she was the only one who found his son, as we all know Big mom has the best intelligence in the new world so it’s ordinary that she can find his son. His son also might be his weak point, I think that the son of Kaido is looking to take his father’s place as a Yonko so he might help Luffy and others to defeat his father.

This still just a scenario we don’t know what will exactly happen because it’s hard to give a theory about a character we’ve never seen.

Look at this you can see Death or Treat do you remember something? yes, Big Mom when she wants to kill someone.

One piece shop

Zoom on the picture and look at the basket that Luffy holds you’ll see Trick or Meat now focus on “trick”, it tells us that they tricked Kaido and that his son is still alive. Anyway as I said the son of Kaido a mysterious thing and it’s hard to know about and some said that his son is dead that’s why he remember him when he drinks.

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